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Staying Hopeful in Your Recovery

woman struggles with bad eating habits

Recovery can be a long and winding road. You will have times where you go up into the mountains and feel great. You will also have times where you go down into the valleys and don’t feel so great. Then, you will have times between the mountains and valleys where the road seems to plateau. This road is often rocky. It’s important to remember that your recovery from substance abuse isn’t always going to be a smoothly paved road. That doesn’t mean you lose hope, however. Arbor wants to help you stay hopeful in your recovery.

Find the Silver Lining

If you’re reading this and you’ve found yourself driving through a valley, don’t get discouraged. Keep your foot on the gas and search for a silver lining. After all, the journey of recovery is what matters. If you’re too focused on reaching the destination, you’re going to miss so many great things. These great things are your silver linings. They keep you moving forward so that you can enjoy the valley because you know it won’t last forever. The most important part is that you keep pushing. If you’re in a valley and you are feeling the temptation to slip back into using substances you’ve been trying to avoid, know that you are not alone. Of course, we don’t hope for relapses but know that they happen to the best of us. Relapse is like getting a flat tire while you’re in the valley. You’ve got to get out of the car and do the work to fix the tire, but then you get back into the driver’s seat and keep moving forward.

Enjoy the Journey

Once you’ve gotten out of the valley, you’re going to start feeling a little better. All of your hope and looking for the silver lining has paid off! Now, you don’t have to work as hard to get out of the valley. Things are looking up! Understand that the journey is what makes you who you are. Without all of your experiences—positive and negative—you’d look like a completely different person. Appreciate the experiences for giving you knowledge and perspective. Use this to your advantage. Be hopeful that you will gain more knowledge and perspective as you continue on your journey. Let yourself enjoy the journey. You deserve it!

The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to help you stay hopeful in your recovery. If you’re having a very difficult time, we can help. Call us today at (844) 413-2690. We can’t wait to speak with you!