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Join us for our free support group for families of addicts that meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. The support group is open to anyone in the community that is interested in recovering from the family disease of addiction.

Addiction is a family disease and everyone that has a relationship with the addict is affected. Therefore, recovery should be a family process as well. The realization that we are powerless over the disease, as well as over other people’s lives, can often be a frustrating and painful process. It’s normal to be torn between trying to help your family member and avoiding being sucked into their disease. Share your experiences and concerns in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

You’ll learn how to apply the Three “Cs” of Dealing with an Addict:

  1. You didn’t Cause the addiction.
  2. You can’t Control the addiction.
  3. You can’t Cure the addiction.

Our family group provides support and connection to remind you that you are not facing this alone and that personal recovery is possible. Remember, no situation is too difficult and no unhappiness is too great to be overcome.

We look forward to being a part of your journey to freedom.

Free Support Group for Families of Addicts Meeting Locations

Free Support Group for Families of Addicts Will Be Meeting Online via ZOOM

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Families suffering from addiction may also find our regular Family Program helpful as well. Upcoming dates for those programs can be found on our Family Program page.