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Residential Care Program

The Arbor is located on a 67-acre ranch along the San Gabriel River just outside of Georgetown, Texas. Our luxury addiction treatment center has an Austin-meets-hill-country energy that promotes camaraderie, healing, and renewal. If you have a loved one who is losing their battle with substance use disorder, it is likely that they will object to long-term treatment. Relying on fentanyl, Percocet, stimulants, alcohol, or other substances for relief causes changes in the brain’s chemical makeup that require an extended period of abstinence in order to prevent relapse and allow the person to reclaim their ability to think rationally.
No matter how desperately a person wants to stop using, withdrawal triggers survival impulses that prevent that from happening. To find out if residential addiction treatment at The Arbor will be a good fit for your loved one, give us a call at 844.413.2690 or complete an application on their behalf.

Safety, Healing, & Personal Connection in Rehab

Our Texas rehab is home to an array of cutting-edge therapies, including our innovative equine-assisted psychotherapy program. By offering a wide range of addiction treatment programs, we provide comprehensive support for each individual as they begin the path to sobriety as well as physical and mental wellness. Programs at our rehab center include:

  • Residential addiction treatment
  • Individual psychotherapy appointments
  • Treatment of dual disorders and polysubstance use
  • Gender-responsive programs
  • Introduction and advancement in 12-step ideology
  • Extended care as needed
  • Sober living options for graduates

But I'm Cured

If fast-track approaches to addiction recovery were effective, we would offer them. It’s common for our clients to feel cured and dedicated to lifelong sobriety after a week or two in treatment. Finally feeling free of addiction even offers its own type of high. And, like any high, no matter how powerful, it doesn’t last. As we learn in treatment, feelings aren’t facts; feeling cured is different than being cured. Our team at the Arbor has a track record of helping people learn how to put their recovery first. It isn’t easy, but it’s possible in the right environment.

An Addiction Treatment Center You’ll Be Proud to Call Home

Rehab at The Arbor begins with a thorough and detailed assessment process. Each client is assigned a personal support team that includes our medical director, recovery manager, recovery coach, primary therapist, and psychiatrist if needed. Clients will meet with each of these primary care experts on a one-on-one basis at least weekly. Our team will design a custom treatment plan to ensure that each person receives evidence-based, personalized, world-class treatment. Our relaxed, positive, dedicated, down-to-earth culture promotes healing from the minute you arrive at our Georgetown, Texas rehab.

Dual Diagnosis Care for Mental Health & Addiction Concerns

We utilize several strategies to treat clients with co-occurring disorders. A few of these include pharmacotherapies, mindfulness meditation, nutrition, exercise, yoga, equine therapy (also known as Natural Lifemanship), EMDR, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and 12-step recovery. Specialty programming is extremely valuable in treating co-occurring disorders. However, an even more important consideration in the treatment of such individuals is our genuine care and commitment. We truly care about our clients and will leave no stone unturned in promoting healthy accountability, rational thinking, authentic self-worth, sustainable community connections, and emotional stability.

Visit Our Georgetown Texas Residential Rehab

As for commitment, most clients require extended sustained focus and specific, dual diagnosis treatment in order to achieve stability. When accepted into a Texas addiction treatment center, making a long-term commitment is the best way to start your life in recovery. It requires much more than giving a few pills along with a few therapy sessions to change lives. Our clinicians have dedicated their lives to guiding people in recovery. And it shows in everything we do. Contact our admissions department by calling 844.413.2690 and take your first step to sobriety.