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Treatment Locations

The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare offers a variety of drug and alcohol rehab programs that serve our goal of providing a full continuum of care. All facilities and residential homes locations are in the Central Texas Hill Country, primarily Austin, TX and Georgetown, TX. Please note that all tours and consultations are held by appointment only.

Our facilities are not open to drop-in visitors.

Residential rehab offers addiction and mental health treatment to Texans who have lost their way. We use a comprehensive, integrative approach designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to empower individuals and their families to live a life of recovery, emotional freedom, and positive growth. To learn more about The Arbor and our individual treatment locations, contact our Georgetown, Texas, residential rehab campus to get more information.

Learn More About Our Philosophy & Treatment Locations

Our mission is to walk alongside individuals and families as they navigate the path to recovery. Every program we offer is intentionally designed to help our clients navigate the obstacles in their life that impede long-term sobriety, emotional stability, and freedom to truly live. The Arbor’s system of care provides a safe sanctuary for those seeking freedom from the pain of addiction to many types of substances, including:

  • Addiction to opioids
  • Addiction to benzodiazepines
  • Addiction to alcohol
  • Addiction to stimulants
  • Addiction to inhalants
  • Addiction to hallucinogens
  • Polysubstance use

The Arbor offers specialized treatment specific to the needs of each person and family in our care. Our continuum of care includes gender-specific residential treatment, an intensive family program, extended care, intensive outpatient care with family integration, advocacy services, independent living programs, a one-year chronic relapse program, and additional family support services at our Georgetown, TX residential rehab and our Austin sober living homes.

We feature evidence-based, traditional, and cutting-edge treatment modalities that guide participants along their paths. Comprehensive treatment plans are developed for each client, including a personalized fitness and nutrition program to promote physical restoration. Family involvement is tailored to reinforce healthy family systems. Individualized continuing care plans address the authentic needs of each client as they navigate the continuum of treatment and recovery. Staff and clients work together to integrate the individual back into the community and independent living.

Long-Term Recovery, Long-Term Treatment

Managing addiction, trauma, and mental health concerns is possible with a tailored plan in a safe and supportive environment. Our treatment includes evidence-based treatment modalities and a holistic continuum of care.

We walk the path of recovery with our clients until they have demonstrated the ability and understanding to do it on their own. Every aspect of our addiction treatment programs is designed to address the issues that lead to addiction and those that get in the way of sustainable sobriety. Along the recovery path, clients develop appropriate coping skills to address their issues and find the healing and wholeness they desire. Each level of care introduces clients to opportunities for growth and integration into independent living. Ongoing support options include customized aftercare plans, Arbor Advocacy (relapse prevention), and alumni support programs.

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Addiction Treatment in Our Austin Rehab

Treatment at The Arbor begins with a thorough and detailed assessment process. Each client is assigned a personal support team that includes our medical director, registered nurse, primary therapist, recovery manager, equine therapist and, if needed, a psychiatrist. Clients receive up to four individual sessions per week with these various treatment providers while at our residential level of care.

From day one in our Austin drug rehab, we have partnered with our clients every step of the way, beginning by creating a customized treatment plan. Our gender-specific programs are intentionally smaller in size, allowing space for clients to rediscover and reclaim their lives in their own unique way. Begin your journey by contacting us today at 844.413.2690.