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Client Testimonials

We love our clients, former clients and their families.

We would love to hear from you too! How was your experience with us? Share your knowledge and wisdom so others can learn from you.

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Client Testimonials

I found the support I needed

At The Arbor, I was taught to open myself to new experiences and ways of thinking and to set aside what I thought I knew about myself, others, my disease, and the program of recovery. I was given the chance to understand and finally believe fully that I never have to live “like that” again. Leaving The Arbor was scary, but with a sober living placement, the Arbor aftercare group, and the host of friends I’ve made through The Arbor (who’ve actually begun an Arbor Alumni group), I found the support I needed to begin this wonderful life of sobriety.

– A Grateful Arbor Alumnus

Plan for on-going support

My daughter has been home for almost seven months. Before she left The Arbor, there was a plan in place for her to have on-going support, to ensure her the best chance possible of living a sober life. This support system has been critical for not only my daughter, but for myself. They have taken the time to know who she is and what would work best for her. It has been amazing to see the transformation my daughter has gone through. She is sober, she is fun, she laughs, she has confidence and I am so proud of who she is. I am blessed and I am thankful for all the Arbor has done for my daughter.

– Grateful Mother

Beautiful campus and amazing team

Thanks to Jim and Marsha for the opportunity to see first hand the beautiful Arbor facility and meet the team members in your state of the art treatment program. Definitely an incredible tool set to teach and facilitate the recovery lifestyle to clients and family members. Your insight and leadership will continue to advance, strengthen and empower the knowledge base and treatment protocols for the professional recovery community in Texas and beyond.

– D. Keith Montgomery LCDC-I

Carla finally found a program that worked!

Our family had lost Carla to drug addiction, and it seemed to happen really fast. She agreed to go to rehab, but the short term hospital style treatment centers did not work. She went to four rehabs short term…nothing was working. We feared that Carla would die. The holistic approach that the Arbor offered to our daughter saved her life. Carla finally found a program that worked for her and she was nicknamed “the miracle child”. The staff at the Arbor was incredible. She experienced compassion and love from the professionals at what I consider the best rehab ever. The ninety days seemed long, and every minute counted toward Carla wanting to work hard at the program.

– Anita O.

Just celebrated our daughter’s first year of sobriety!

The Arbor is a top notch program. They have dedicated personnel and programs that address everything from intervention to aftercare, and they have family support groups that were very helpful to our family as our daughter went through their program. They are also connected to good sober homes and recovery advocates that are dedicated to the clients success as they transition from the safety of the Arbor back into the real world following their completion of the Arbor program. I firmly believe that it is the combination of all of these things that make a new life possible for clients of the Arbor. We just celebrated our daughter’s first year of sobriety!

– Billy S.

SO grateful for their 90 day program

I would highly recommend the Arbor! We are SO grateful that we put her into their 90 day program, because now we see that a 30 day program elsewhere probably wouldn’t have been effective… just not enough time… 90 days or more is so important.

– Jeanette V.

Fortunate to go through long-term treatment

The gift of going through treatment at The Arbor is something I treasure. Being fortunate enough to go through long term treatment, in my opinion, gives us such a head start and advantage to stay sober that so many people do not have. I just know that in my case, no treatment, detox only or 30 day treatment would not have worked and has been proven over and over again. Thanks for all you do.

– Chuck D.

I owe my sobriety to The Arbor

I was hesitant to fully surrender to The Arbor at first but as soon as I did my life began to change for the better. I had failed on my own so I let the experts at The Arbor steer my recovery. This was one of the best decisions I could have made. The staff was extremely helpful and patient with me. They really care about the recovery of each specific client. I don’t know where I would be today without the guidance and direction they have given my life. I owe my sobriety to The Arbor.

– Andrew K.

For the first time in my life I was truly at peace and happy

By the end of my stay at The Arbor, I had the tools to live my life on an entirely different basis. Not only was I free of the desire to drink and take opiates, but for the first time in my life I was truly at peace and happy. Eighteen months later, I continue to grow spiritually. I have a new life. I now live in Austin and have a new career in the recovery field. Today I get work with others who were in the same spot as I was when I reached my bottom. Every week, as an Arbor alumnus, I get to share my own experience, strength, and hope with those who are in treatment there. The continuing aftercare program at the Arbor helps me continue to grow in sobriety and stay connected to my peers and the Arbor staff. Today I get to have more fun in sobriety than I ever had while I was drinking and drugging. With the help of The Arbor, I have had a life changing experience that I now get to have on a daily basis!

– Brandon G.