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Gender-Specific Program

To achieve our goal of helping our clients find long-lasting freedom from addiction to drugs or alcohol, we provide a continuum of care focused on safely guiding individuals from active addiction through sober independence. Men and women often have different needs. This is true when it comes to addiction treatment as well. Research done by the United States Department of Health and Human Services concluded that men and women differ in how and why they abuse drugs and alcohol. Women are often less likely to seek help than men and to feel more shame for doing so. Additionally, women are likely to use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate and attempt to deal with emotional and psychological stress. By contrast, men often use drugs as a means to achieve an enhanced mood or to cope with social and behavioral problems. Our men’s and women’s addiction treatment programs at The Arbor provide safe spaces for healing. This is necessary when it comes to addiction treatment. 

Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

Co-occurring issues can vary by gender. The process of addiction recovery is difficult. Individuals do better in an environment that offers safety and openness. Gender-specific rehab programs provide a safe environment for both men and women to explore their feelings and deal with the root causes of their addiction. Single-sex settings also allow each person to focus on themselves without the added complications that a romantic relationship can bring. For these reasons and more, all residential treatment programs are gender-specific. 

Women’s Rehab Programs

The Arbor – Residential Treatment Program for Women

It can be very intimidating for people struggling with substance use disorders to get admitted into a rehab program. Most of these people start treatment with multiple problems — not just their addictions. Some clients may need the foundational support that a gender-specific rehab program can provide.

Women can find the safety and security they need in a women’s drug rehab program, where they know they can relax and be themselves without worrying about men’s reactions—searching for a women’s rehab center in Texas? Contact The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare by calling 844.413.2690 or reaching out to our team online.

The gender-specific treatment offered for women at The Arbor provides time away from life’s distractions as well as the space and encouragement to focus on themselves rather than others. The Arbor offers a safe environment for women to address the various issues underlying substance use.

Special attention is given to trauma, self-esteem, and body image issues. Our team believes that if left untreated, these factors will trigger relapse on drugs and alcohol. Normalizing co-occurring disorders promotes open sharing and healing in The Women’s Program. 

Men’s Rehab Programs

The Arbor – Residential Treatment Program for Men

Male clients often choose to get admitted into a men’s rehab center because they want to feel safe, secure, and supported throughout their addiction treatment. Culturally, men are expected to act together and be strong leaders. Addiction may seem like a sign of weakness, and male clients may not want to seem as strong as they could be or be confronted with that idea with female clients or staff members around. Whether this cause of discomfort is reasonable or not, it is one of the primary benefits of choosing a gender-specific addiction treatment program. Some of the other benefits include the following:

  • A men’s rehab center can offer amenities that are more appealing to men
  • Men can bond with other men facing the same kind of societal pressures
  • Men feel more comfortable opening up without women nearby

Men participating in treatment at The Arbor are provided with a safe place to address the inner issues which have contributed to their addictions. They are free to explore their emotions and develop emotional awareness while gaining knowledge and understanding of their disease. Residents are provided with the clinical and medical support necessary to begin recovery. The Arbor Men’s Program provides a holistic approach that addresses each man’s mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and developmental aspects.

The Arbor Is an Inclusive Treatment Center

Addiction is a disease that affects individuals regardless of their gender identity, but that doesn’t mean each gender benefits from the same treatment approach. We offer gender-specific treatment because many of our clients are more comfortable in a gender-specific environment. We are inclusive to people with all gender identities and lifestyles at The Arbor, and we are interested in feedback from potential and past clients about our approach. Contact The Arbor by calling 844.413.2690 to get information about any of our addiction treatment programs.