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Mission and Approach

The Arbor provides a safe sanctuary for those seeking freedom from the pain of addiction. Our mission is to walk alongside individuals and families as they navigate the path to recovery.

Whether your loved one has attended treatment in the past or is attending rehab for the first time, providing a safe, comfortable, evidence-based treatment program can open the door to a healthy life. At The Arbor, getting to know a patient at their lowest point and watching them rebuild their lives is our life’s work. Call our Georgetown, Texas alcohol and drug rehab center to discuss availability, insurance options, and your individual circumstances by calling 844.413.2690.

Drug Rehab Reimagined

Helping a person regain control of their future is more than a job for us at The Arbor. Our respectful, engaging, experienced, committed team of therapists specializes in helping people come to terms with the fact that their substance use is causing them to miss out on the experiences that make life worth living. While this concept may seem simple to others, using drugs causes changes in the brain’s survival centers that cause people to believe they need to use drugs in order to feel normal. We offer the following addiction treatment programs at our 67-acre luxury rehabilitation ranch:

  • Residential rehab
  • Sober living
  • Outpatient treatment

We believe that offering access to the best therapists in a comfortable luxury rehab environment is the best way to help people develop the desire, skills, and network to stay in recovery. We want our clients and families to know they are not alone. Every program we offer is intentionally designed to help our clients navigate the obstacles in their life that impede long-term sobriety, emotional stability, and gain freedom to truly live. Whether your loved one is staying for 90 days or longer, our team of clinicians will walk beside them through their journey.

Our Clients Are Our Family

The Arbor Behavioral Health offers a full continuum of care for addiction and mental health needs. We use an integrative, comprehensive approach to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to empower individuals and families to live a life of recovery, emotional freedom, and positive growth.

Our continuum of care includes men’s and women’s residential rehab, intensive family program, extended care, outpatient drug treatment with family integration, advocacy services, independent living programs, a one-year chronic relapse program, and additional family support services.

Texas-Style Rehabilitation

The Arbor offers specialized treatment specific to the needs of each person and family in our care. We feature evidence-based, traditional, and cutting-edge treatment modalities that guide participants along their paths. We develop comprehensive treatment plans for each client. Everyone receives a tailored fitness and nutrition program to promote physical restoration. Family involvement is tailored to reinforce healthy family systems. Personalized continuing care plans address the authentic needs of each client as they navigate the continuum of treatment and recovery. Staff and clients work together to integrate the individual back into the community and independent living.

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Recovery Is Possible

While stigma still surrounds the topic, many Texans are beginning to understand how easy it is to become chemically dependent. While small amounts of experimentation during teen years are normal, a person who loses control will likely need a major intervention to redirect the course of their life. While this can be a difficult realization to come to, we encourage families to look at the facts instead of relying on emotions.

Unfortunately, by the time many people realize that the drugs they’re taking to feel normal are doing more harm than good, their brains and bodies have adjusted to the presence of these harmful chemicals. The Arbor is a residential drug rehab with some of the best, most experienced addiction therapists in the Austin area. Contact us today at 844.413.2690 to find out more.