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Alumni Program

The Arbor’s alumni group hosts a variety of recovery-related events in Austin’s thriving sober community. Many people also stay in touch with other graduates and staff through our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social pages.

Austin Sober Events Sponsored by The Arbor

The Arbor’s alumni group holds a 12-step meeting every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. This meeting is held on Zoom. This Austin Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) & Narcotics Anonymous (NA) style of meeting is open to any one in the recovery community. Attendance at Wednesday meetings is not required during residential rehab; however, many people are excited to take advantage of the opportunity to get acclimated to the Austin sober network. The meeting is led by Arbor alumni members and is open to the public.

AA and NA Meetings Support Addiction Recovery

When it comes to long-term addiction recovery, many of our treatment programs at The Arbor are 12-step-informed. Our Texas residential rehab introduces and reinforces the principles of 12-step recovery because they are effective, adaptable, and inclusive. Austin Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous meetings are based on the same 12-step principles clients learn during treatment. Being integrated in the 12-step community means you’ll have access to a support network when you finish treatment. AA & NA meetings are free and available nationwide.

The Arbor’s Alumni Birthday Night

Alumni Birthday Night is a monthly anniversary 12-step meeting. In addition to the Wednesday meetings mentioned above, alums celebrate years and months of continuous sobriety at our monthly birthday meetings featuring various guest speakers. Birthday meetings are held on Zoom. Alums, their families, and members of the recovery community are welcome from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm on the last Wednesday of every month.

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Join Arbor Alums for Haunted Homecoming 2021

Depending on covid, our recovery alumni program is hoping to resume hosting our annual sober Halloween alumni event. Reconnect with friends and make new connections at this costume-encouraged sober Halloween party! Other alumni events include the following:

  • UT sporting events
  • Volleyball tournaments
  • Softball tournaments
  • Camping trips
  • Recovery conferences
  • Volunteering opportunities

We offer alumni events throughout the year. Please continue to check The Arbor Events Calendar to stay posted about upcoming events.

Sober Events Provide Continued Support for Arbor Alumni

Creating healthy routines and maintaining a regular schedule is imperative to transitioning to a recovery lifestyle. Before graduating, residents have the option to participate in recovery-centered activities on- and off-campus. These events support our Austin sober community, provide networking and employment opportunities, and keep people connected. We offer the following addiction treatment programs at our Georgetown, Texas, rehab:

  • Residential rehabilitation
  • Sober living homes
  • Intensive outpatient treatment

Whether you are attending residential addiction treatment, sober living, or intensive outpatient treatment, The Arbor’s alumni network is available to provide support. Arbor’s sober living model leads individuals to develop personal motivation and independence. 12-step participation, home group involvement, maintaining service commitments, and working with a sponsor further support residents on their path to total wellness and freedom from addiction.

Stay Accountable, Stay Connected

It is possible to finish rehab and stay sober without attending meetings, but people are more likely to be successful when they surround themselves with a supportive sober network. Planning sober events is so much easier when you have a network of supportive individuals. Being in a sober environment surrounded by people who can relate to your experiences offers tremendous healing power. Contact our Georgetown, Texas residential alcohol & drug rehab by calling 844.413.2690 to complete an application for admission.