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Alumni Program

Why is an Alumni Program Important?

rehab alumni group meets in parkMany people find it tough to acclimate to the real world after completing treatment. Your life has been so focused on learning who you are, understanding the future you want, and working toward those new goals, it is challenging jumping back into the responsibilities of daily life. Some people also struggle to make sober friends or find fun, sober activities on their own.
An alumni program helps you build and maintain meaningful relationships with people who understand what you’ve been through. It keeps you connected with your sober support.

How do You Benefit from Being Connected with an Alumni Program?

Our clients love our alumni program for many reasons. First, being social can be difficult in early recovery. Being surrounded by other sober friends makes this task much more comfortable.
An alumni program creates a natural sense of accountability and community. Engaging in the recovery world and connecting with other people helps you stay on track. If you recognize that you’re struggling, the community is there to help you.
Finally, an alumni program can show just how possible it is to have fun while in recovery. Many people fear that their new, sober life will be boring without drugs or alcohol. But when you’re in active addiction, your life probably feels incredibly stressful. Our alumni program shows you some of the many ways you can find pleasure and joy in recovery.

Our Alumni Program

With treatment and continuing care, those in recovery experience the powerful strength of group support. Through this process, Arbor alumni continue to grow and acquire the recovery skills necessary for successful living, while realizing the goodness of recovery, one day at a time.

Successful long-term recovery requires a strong support system.
The Alumni Community provides a place for all alumni to build and maintain relationships within recovery. We offer activities and events that promote support, community, and service. It is possible to have fun in recovery; our program always strives for that!

Our Weekly 12-Step Alumni Meeting

Join us every Wednesday at 7:30 pm for our Alumni Meeting.
Located at Communities for Recovery at Austin State Hospital
4110 Guadalupe St, #635, Austin, TX 78751

You may also attend via Zoom at the link below:
Meeting ID: 87483045722