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Meth Addiction Treatment Program

woman begins meth addiction treatment programMany people use stimulants to get energy, confidence, and endurance. However, meth use can easily get out of control and cause physical, emotional, social, and family chaos. Overcoming meth’s hold on your life entails detoxification, therapy, and support. Perhaps more than any other addictive substance, the public has come to view meth as synonymous with physical decline among its users. Many people who use meth are reluctant to seek help; however, if quitting on your own isn’t working, we would like to invite you to The Arbor. Find high-quality substance abuse treatment programs at The Arbor by calling 844.413.2690.

Meth Addiction Treatment Program

Meth use results in severe physical, psychological, and behavioral side effects. Meth addiction wreaks havoc on people’s lives and in many ways and leaves someone struggling with addiction unrecognizable compared to who they used to be. 

The Arbor offers both residential and outpatient rehab programs. In cases of meth addiction, the safest option that will more likely lead to long-term success is residential treatment. That is because residential treatment provides wraparound care and supervision for weeks or even months at a time. People struggling with meth addiction often need to be separated from the triggers, distractions, and drug access they would have to contend with if they sought treatment in an outpatient setting.

The Arbor’s Meth Rehab Center

 The Arbor’s meth addiction treatment program leans on therapy in the context of a holistically supportive environment that takes care of the mind, body, and soul. As is the case with other addictions, The Arbor’s meth rehab program begins by guiding clients through medically-supervised detoxification. This is a process of weaning a person’s body away from physical dependence on meth. Following detox is a period of ongoing therapy and support. Three therapies are core to meth addiction treatment: 

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) — CBT is founded on the psychological concept that the learning process is central to addictive behavior. The mind learns  to center things related to an addiction’s upkeep, but through therapy it can unlearn these problematic concepts. Undergirded by this concept, CBT focuses on altering the underlying patterns of thinking and behavior to create healthier habits and lead people away from their addiction. 
  • The Matrix Model — The Matrix Model is a long-term, comprehensive therapy plan composed of multiple distinct pieces. These often include behavioral therapies, individual counseling, family support and education, regularly scheduled drug tests, group counseling, 12-Step Program facilitation, and a sober activities plan. Implementing a Matrix Model, which is often designed to extend for at least sixteen weeks if not longer, is meant to holistically support a person in dealing with their addiction.
  • Contingency Management — Lastly, contingency management is a therapy predicated on motivation and rewards. Therapists use an incentive system with clients that supports their acceptance of treatment and willingness to remain sober. 

Meth Rehab Program at The Arbor

The success of a meth rehab program lies in overcoming the highly addictive nature of meth. Its addictiveness is in fact, the biggest barrier to successful recovery. This is in part due to the intense high that users experience when taking meth. Meth’s intensity also means many people who struggle with meth addiction may not seek out treatment on their own. Family support and awareness become critical to getting people with a meth addiction and co-occurring concerns connected to adequate treatment. 

The Arbor’s meth rehab program is designed with the family in mind. We offer a variety of support under our family services umbrella. A keystone of family involvement is the monthly Family Program that works to reforge the bonds and lines of communication that addiction often damages. Call The Arbor at 844.413.2690 to learn more about how we holistically tackle meth rehab for each of our clients.