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Continuum of Care

Long-term sobriety is best achieved when the whole person is healthy. At The Arbor, we offer a continuum of care starting with residential addiction treatment followed by intensive outpatient and sober living. Our medical, clinical, and therapeutic staff work simultaneously with individuals to create sustainable healing and growth.

We believe this integrated, holistic approach is vital for emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation, and every aspect of client care is considered and addressed during our addiction treatment programs.

The Arbor team of professionals includes medical doctors, psychiatrists, registered nurses, addiction specialists, therapists, recovery managers, equine specialists, nutritionists, personal trainers, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, and massage therapists. Begin the journey to wellness by calling The Arbor Behavioral Health at 844.413.2690.

Addiction Recovery Continuum of Care

The National Institute of Health defines a continuum of care as “an integrated system of care that guides and tracks the patient over time through a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels of care.” The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare embraces the mission of providing a comprehensive continuum of care. Our mission statement involves the commitment to walk alongside individuals and families as they navigate the path of recovery.

From Residential Rehab to Austin North Sober Living

The purpose of a continuum of care is to gradually transition a person from a highly structured level of care to lower levels until the person can safely achieve independent living. Historically, many people relapse during transition periods. An example often seen is when one goes from brief residential treatment stay to home. In addition to our continuum of care, we also offer the following treatment options:

  • Weekly alumni meetings
  • Monthly birthday meetings
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Family therapy

Although most people are eager to begin living their new lives with every intention of staying sober, jumping back into life too quickly can result in disillusionment after a few months that people are not prepared for. The reason for such high relapse rates with this scenario is that the transition can be too abrupt. Newly sober people are highly vulnerable to stress due to limited coping skills and emotional instability. The unchecked elevation of stress often equates to relapse. Moreover, it does not matter whether the stress is positive or negative. A more effective strategy is to provide a gradual structured transition through multiple levels of care.

Real Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Takes Time

Research has shown that a longer course of structured care yields much higher recovery rates. Our treatment programs allow for the ideal combination of structure, accountability, and support while increasing the individual’s level of independence.

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

The Arbor’s continuum of care was created out of our founders’ passion for effective substance use treatment. The Arbor is a privately held and owner-operated company based in Austin, Texas. More than twenty years of research and experience have contributed to our philosophy and core principles.

Our dedicated, clinically excellent staff is committed to helping people cope with trauma, develop coping skills, work through mental health concerns, and form healthier relationships. Each member of our team has the experience, temperament, and resources to help people start their lives over.

Luxury Alcohol & Drug Rehab Texans Count On

We feature research-based and integrated treatment modalities that guide clients along their paths of restoration and recovery. Comprehensive treatment plans are developed for every client, including personalized nutrition and fitness programs to promote physical restoration. Family involvement is tailored to reinforce healthy family systems. Individualized continuing care plans address the authentic needs of each client as they navigate our continuum of addiction treatment and recovery.

Contact our Georgetown, Texas, rehab by applying for admission online or contacting us by phone at 844.413.2690.