Arbor Advocacy is the relapse prevention component of The Arbor’s Continuum of Care. The Arbor Advocacy program (formally Beacon Navigation) offers multi-disciplinary support to ease the transition from rehab treatment to full sobriety and success in all areas of life. In order to maintain sobriety, old patterns of behavior need to be changed and a plan put in place to deal with stressors that pose a risk. Our advocates work with the individual to develop new behaviors and patterns that foster long-term sobriety. Participation in a substance abuse relapse prevention program is an essential asset for the recovering addict.

Personalized Approach

As part of The Arbor Continuum of Care, the Arbor Advocacy program is highly personalized to the individual. What is meaningful to the individual? Our advocates work with the person to answer this question to develop maintenance strategies and create measurable and specific, short-term and long-term goals. This enables clients to set and achieve personal goals which they are naturally inclined to reach.

Our goal is to equip the individual with the tools, plan and support needed to deal with the cravings, emotions and thoughts that can lead to relapse. We also provide motivation that builds the confidence and faith needed to know that the cycle of addiction can be broken and long-term sobriety achieved.

Added support for long term relapse prevention

Our personalized approach uses the values and goals that are most meaningful to the person as we build a plan and support system that will:

  • Assist with setting realistic goals
  • Provide a mentor in their corner, working hard on their behalf
  • Create accountability to a continuing care plan or discharge plan
  • Identify and create a plan for the removal of roadblocks
  • Champion continual growth and accomplishments
  • Develop new skills, attributes, and factors that break the cycle of addiction
  • Address all major areas of life
  • Offer personal coaching to reach these goals
  • Provide peace of mind for family members

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