The Arbor Sober Living offers a safe and supportive place to live. Research done by the National Institute of Health has found that individuals have better long term outcomes when their environment supports sustained recovery. The Arbor’s Austin sober living program is open to those who have completed a primary treatment program, with at least 30 days of sobriety.

Recovery Housing residents ease into a healthy lifestyle while experiencing real life responsibilities, social norms, and gaining valuable work and living skills. Life in sober living keeps distractions to a minimum, empowering residents to stay focused on their paths toward independent living. Participants reinforce the skills and habits learned in treatment. A sense of community is formed, creating a personal network of peer support.

Support – Advocacy

Each sober living home has a live-in house manager who provides oversight, support and accountability. Arbor Sober Living residents also receive a personal Recovery Advocate. Residents meet with their Recovery Advocate to set goals, assess progress, and develop life-skills. Residents will develop a personalized care plan with their Recovery Advocate to aid in the process of recovery.

Clients participate in a weekly house meeting to check in with each other, the house manager, and the Recovery Advocate. On-demand and random toxicology screening are conducted to ensure the safety of all residents.

Our recovery housing programs include clinical support. House managers and Recovery Advocates meet regularly with The Arbor clinical staff, including the Clinical Director, to discuss each person’s progress and plan for success. When a client is struggling or needs help, clinical intervention is available. Residents have the support of an entire treatment team. Recovery housing is overseen by our executive and clinical leadership. This is a key factor that differentiates our program from other sober living in Austin. Continuity of care is supported throughout recovery.

Life at The Arbor Sober Living

The Arbor Sober Living homes are located in Austin, Texas. Separate, residences are offered for men and women. Each home is fully-furnished with comfortable amenities.

Creating healthy routines and maintaining a regular schedule is imperative to transitioning to a recovery lifestyle. Residents participate in activities outside the house that support recovery including sober activities, off-site 12-step programs, and employment. All participate in weekly meetings with The Arbor Alumni Program.

The Arbor Sober Living model leads individuals to develop personal motivation and independence. The development of peer support systems, 12-step participation, home group involvement, maintaining service commitments, and working with a sponsor further supports residents on their path to total wellness and freedom from addiction.