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There comes a time in every person’s journey of recovery when residential treatment is no longer what they need. They must leave the security of their inpatient program and begin to put their new skills into practice in independent life. This transition, however, is notoriously challenging. Historically, it has proved all too common for people to experience relapse as they struggle to adjust on their own. At The Arbor, we know that it’s essential to offer ongoing support at this crucial juncture between full-time treatment and independence. Through our signature continuum of care, we can ensure that every individual achieves lasting sobriety and never needs to feel alone as they discover who they are substance-free. Our intensive outpatient treatment program provides the guidance and structure that individuals need as they progress along the path of a fulfilling sober life.

Intensive outpatient treatment at The Arbor offers supportive, part-time care for those completing inpatient treatment or needing continued therapeutic support for drug and alcohol addictions. Our IOP services are delivered by our highly educated and experienced treatment team, who are deeply committed to our patients’ success. We work closely with every individual to ensure that our IOP delivers the type and level of care every client needs to maintain their recovery.

Our IOP services are offered in Austin, Texas. The Arbor IOP and our other aftercare programs include our signature blend of addiction treatment modalities, with evidence-based practices, experiential workshops, 12-step support, spiritual development, family support and life skills.

Arbor Adult Intensive Outpatient Program

The Arbor Intensive Outpatient Program is an eight-week substance abuse and mental health program designed to provide structure and support while allowing clients to live daily life independently. We ask that participants fully commit to all eight weeks of the program, as we cover different essential topics at every session and a complete course of care is most effective. We also work with our clients to monitor their progress, and we can transfer patients between levels of care should they require a different approach.

Our program is managed, led and provided by licensed addiction professionals. Clients will receive ten clinical service hours per week for eight weeks. We integrate evidence-based practices, 12-step concepts and experiential modalities to treat the whole person and to allow clients to explore different approaches. Participants will attend four evening group therapy sessions per week and will meet for individual therapy weekly.

In addition to this individualized approach, The Arbor IOP encourages family participation and support during the outpatient treatment process. The Arbor offers a variety of methods for integrating the family into the program, including bi-weekly family therapy sessions, family group night and a family support group. These services are available to families at no additional cost.

Group, family and individual sessions provide the education, counseling and support that are essential for sustained sobriety in early recovery. Treatment services offered on an outpatient basis helps individuals become accustomed to greater independence without feeling alone or overwhelmed. Intensive outpatient treatment also allows participants to continue everyday activities such as school, work and parenting while offering supportive services to stay sober and succeed in these areas.

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Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Overview

Evening Programming

Four evenings per week, participants are required to attend 2.5-hour sessions that may consist of group, individual or family therapy activities. Evening programming is designed to provide a sense of structure in our clients’ lives and set expectations for accountability in recovery.

Individual or Family Therapy

Individual and/or family therapy sessions are provided on a weekly basis. Clients with nearby, supportive family members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of our family therapy option, which is provided at no extra cost in addition to individual therapy.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions may include process groups, psychoeducational sessions, experiential treatment modalities, spiritual growth exercises and life skills development workshops. These sessions comprise the majority of our IOP and root our clients in a strong recovery community as they reenter independent life.

Vocational & Educational Support

Many clients in our IOP are navigating their return to the workforce or to educational pursuits. We provide support and guidance to help our clients utilize their strengths and succeed in their careers or coursework.

Random Drug or Alcohol Testing

Accountability is a key component of sustainable recovery. Through monitoring our clients’ sobriety with random drug and alcohol tests, we can give them a concrete reason to stay sober – and, in the event of relapse, we can identify the issue early on and help our clients get back into treatment right away.

Weekly 12-Step Meeting

12-step meetings are a time-tested option for individuals who require support in sobriety, with over 80 years of proven success. We emphasize the importance of participating in the 12 steps because we know our clients can find a 12-step community no matter where they go, and because we have substantial evidence that these principles do work when used consistently.

Family Group Night

Each IOP cohort has the opportunity to invite their family members to our family group nights, which engage family members in each client’s treatment without requiring an ongoing commitment. Family group night allows loved ones to stay updated on our clients’ progress in recovery, meet other families and learn more about the treatment process.

Family Support Group

Families are deeply affected by substance abuse, and family members frequently require support or counseling themselves. The Arbor strongly supports the inclusion of family members in the recovery process and we offer specialized group sessions specifically for family members as part of our IOP and other levels of care.

A Continuum of Care

The Arbor is firmly rooted in principles of comprehensive care. We strive to stand by our clients as they make their journey through treatment and beyond, and the best way we can support them is through providing multiple levels of care that meet their needs at all stages of recovery.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program serves as a flexible yet highly structured middle ground between full-time treatment and long-term supportive care. For our clients, IOP typically follows residential treatment or extended care, both of which are immersive options with full daily programming. IOP then allows clients to transition back to a part-time treatment schedule and to live at home, independently or in a sober living house. After IOP, clients may benefit from our Advocacy aftercare and relapse prevention program, which offers part-time monitoring, coaching and counseling as each client discovers and follows their new path in life.

The Arbor offers a complete continuum of care to ensure consistent and cohesive treatment that delivers a strong message of support and encouragement at all stages of recovery. Our levels of care include:

  • Gender-Specific Residential Treatment
  • Extended Care
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Sober Living Program
  • Advocacy Program
  • Alumni Program
  • Family Program


The Arbor IOP is offered at the following locations:

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