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Group Therapy Program

group therapy programsWhat is the Arbor Experience — and how does it make an addiction treatment and recovery much more comfortable to go through?

Clients in addiction treatment are often wary of therapeutic care and may clam up during group therapy programs. After all, they’ve just come from the difficult first step of detoxing and could be processing feelings of physical pain. They may not want to expose themselves emotionally and mentally through sharing their thoughts and beliefs in group therapy. However, many clients like group therapy and learn a lot from it over time.

Group therapy is included in most comprehensive addiction treatment plans. Searching for group therapy programs in Texas? Contact The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare today by calling 844.413.2690 or reaching out to our team online.

What Is a Group Therapy Program?

A group therapy program is simply a plan for treatment that consists of psychotherapy sessions involving more than one client. Group therapy can help treat many mental health issues — it’s not simply group counseling for addiction.

Several clients meet regularly to share their struggles and discuss with each other under the guidance of a therapist. Although many initially feel awkward sharing personal issues with a group of strangers, studies show that this setting is rewarding and highly effective.

A group therapy program may be the entire treatment but is often part of a more comprehensive treatment plan that includes individual therapy and possibly prescribed medication. This combination give those in treatment the best chance to have their needs met.

How Does Group Therapy for Addiction Work?

It’s common for clients struggling with addiction to feel ashamed, depressed, or isolated. Many addictions stem from a history of trauma, the effects of which clients may have hidden for years. Some clients may have done things they’re now ashamed of due to their addictions, which can make them feel worthless and lonely.

When clients first experience group therapy for addiction, they’re often relieved to discover they aren’t alone. Other clients have had similar experiences, and they finally feel like they can talk about these experiences because others will understand.

A client’s self-image is always distorted because humans mostly understand themselves through interacting with others. When you’ve isolated yourself due to shame, you don’t get to interact with others much. Group therapy then becomes a rare opportunity to understand yourself better. In some ways, it’s better than individual therapy.

In individual therapy, you have to rely on the feedback of your therapist — with whom you may disagree. However, in group therapy, you can get a variety of feedback. If several other clients agree that you’re behaving irrationally in some way, you may be more likely to take that feedback seriously.

What Is the Arbor Experience?

When the Arbor was built in 2009, the goal was to create a comfortable and caring residential addiction treatment center. The Arbor is fueled by an intense drive to help people go through the path of addiction recovery.

The Arbor’s Texas ranch is a luxury rehab center that will keep you comfortable as you transition into recovery. The addiction recovery programs offered are designed to help clients address mental health concerns, make genuine connections with others in recovery, handle responsibilities, and move forward in their lives.

Each addiction treatment program for a client is customized based on personal medical records and addiction history. Every program also includes group therapy, individual therapy, nutrition and fitness coaching, 12-step work, reflection, equine therapy, meditation, yoga classes, and personal coaching.

Ready To Learn More About the Arbor Experience?

If you’re looking for group therapy programs in Texas, contact the Arbor Behavioral Healthcare today. Call 844.413.2690 or reach out to our team online.