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Benzo Addiction Treatment

man speaking with therapist about benzo addiction treatmentBenzodiazepines, benzos for short, are prescription sedatives. Common benzos are valium and Xanax. They primarily treat seizures, anxiety, and panic attacks. While they can be incredibly beneficial in reducing symptoms for some people, benzos are also highly addictive. Taking them just as prescribed still risks developing a tolerance, dependence, or even addiction. The side effects related to benzo withdrawal can be quite serious. Anyone looking to quit benzo use ought to pursue professional substance abuse treatment.

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Side Effects and Risks of Benzo Use

The side effects of benzo use can vary in scope and intensity based on the amount of drug being used, the frequency of use, and the user’s body type. Nonetheless, even in strictly prescription use, some of the typical side effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Impaired coordination

When taken in high doses or abused, benzos can also cause severe drowsiness, mood swings, or euphoria. Long-term benzo abusers may develop major issues such as memory problems, disorientation, impaired critical thinking skills, slowed or altered speech, and muscle weakness. Research indicates benzo addictions can impair cognition to the point of interfering with someone’s ability to carry out work tasks or be a fully functioning adult. Memory typically improves once benzo use is stopped, though it may take weeks or even months for someone to feel as if they have returned to normal.

Top benzo addiction treatment programs are designed to address benzos’ short- and long-term impacts. In particular, benzo rehab centers often provide support and guidance related to the memory issues recovering benzo addicts face on their journey to wholeness.

Benzo Addiction Treatment Program

The first step in any benzo addiction treatment program is detox. In the case of benzos, detox can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if not managed properly. Benzo rehab programs go to great lengths to ensure people successfully navigate the withdrawal period. The more severe the addiction, the worse the withdrawal symptoms.

Extreme cases even put people at risk of experiencing a seizure during withdrawal. Older adults are also more likely to experience complications such as delirium, heart attacks, or falls. Otherwise, the most common withdrawal symptoms that benzo rehab programs help manage are headaches, insomnia, anxiety, confusion or memory problems, and hallucinations.

The detox period is complicated by the potential appearance of benzos that were originally prescribed to address. For instance, anxiety and panic attacks may return as someone eliminates benzos from their system. Addressing previous mental health disorders often becomes a major component of successful benzo recovery.

Ongoing Treatment With a Benzo Rehab Program at The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare

Detox may be the first step to recovering from a benzo addiction, but it is hardly the only one. Simply detoxing from benzos in no way safeguards against relapse, nor does it automatically establish a firm footing for someone to build a sober lifestyle.

Thus, once detox is complete, benzo addiction treatment programs focus on long-term treatment. More often than not, this involves some form of therapy, likely cognitive-behavioral therapy. Other treatment options offered by benzo rehab centers range from contingency management to group therapy to 12-step program facilitation.

Another element of treatment in a benzo rehab program like the one The Arbor offers is aftercare planning. Comprehensive, individualized aftercare plans can be thought of as the road map to maintaining sobriety. It may include plans to attend 12-step meetings, ongoing therapy in individual or group settings, routine check-ups, or even drug testing.

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