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The concept of a 30-day treatment period for addiction problems was not developed based on research from the medical community. The 30 day length of stay for addiction recovery has been promoted by an insurance industry based on the time period they would prefer to cover. However, there is substantial research that suggests 30 days is not even close to enough time for someone to stabilize and be well-prepared for a lifetime of sobriety.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse issued a report1 in 1999 that stated that 30 days is not enough time for people to maintain sobriety. The report stated that the “gold standard” for treatment of alcohol and drug addiction problems is 90 days. In practice, the “best” length of time for a treatment program is highly personal. Many people have underlying emotional or mental health issues that must be stabilized in order for rehab to be effective.

A Personalized Plan of Treatment

Every person entering the Arbor system for care undergoes a detailed assessment by our medical and clinical staff. The assessment determines exactly what level of care is needed as well as an expectation for treatment time. Over the course of treatment, care plans are adjusted to meet specific needs and a plan for continuing care is developed.Arbor Behavioral Healthcare offers a Continuum of Care because each individual enters our system of care and treatment at a unique step in the path to lifelong sobriety and health. Our treatment programs include highly structured programs such as inpatient hospitalization at The Arbor. We also have programs that offer more independence within a residential setting in our extended care and sober living homes.

When outpatient treatment is the best option, Arbor offers Intensive Outpatient, Supportive Outpatient and Aftercare programs. These programs offer a gradual decrease in structure while still providing the support and accountability needed for long term success.

The path of sobriety lasts a lifetime. Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is committed to support the journey to sobriety AND to lifelong maintenance. Ongoing support is provided via our Arbor Advocacy and Alumni programs.

The family of the addict is also impacted by the disease of addiction. The Arbor Family Program specifically addresses the needs of the family, as well as the need of the family to provide support to the person in recovery.

In summary, our experts work with each person to determine the best length of stay for addiction recovery and where, along the Continuum of Care, their needs will best be met. Our programs offer lifetime support for ongoing sobriety and health.

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