Will My Insurance Coverage Pay for My Treatment?

We understand that insurance coverage may be a deciding factor in what treatment options you can consider. The best way to get this question answered correctly is to give us a call. We are happy to verify your benefits and explain the treatment options based on your policy’s coverage.

It’s important to know that not all plans are the same, and most insurance authorization is based on medical need. We are most likely to be able to get you the correct coverage after a brief and confidential conversation with one of our admissions advisors. The insurer will want to know the details of your situation as well as a brief history of the individual seeking treatment. This information is then used to define medical need and the correct medical necessity criteria to the insurance company.

Our expert team works on your behalf to maximize your benefit. We work with your insurance company to submit billing as required by the insurer.

We accept most insurance plans. Please give us a call to verify your coverage. If we are unable to work with your insurance we will promptly assist you with a referral to a quality program that does.

accepted insurance

To verify your insurance benefits please give us a call