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Drug Addiction Treatment

woman begins drug addiction treatment programDrug addiction treatment starts with a person’s recognition that they have a substance abuse disorder and need help overcoming it. Following that initial hurdle is the decision on where to seek treatment and what type of treatment will provide the best chance at recovery. At The Arbor, our drug addiction treatment program is primarily broken into intensive outpatient and residential drug treatment programs. Both structures offer a range of services and support to help clients transform their lives. Our 67-acre ranch near Austin, Texas, provides the ideal backdrop for recovery. Reach out to 844.413.2690 to learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs and how they can benefit you or someone you love.

Residential Drug Rehab at The Arbor

One of the main structures that The Arbor uses in treating addiction is our residential drug rehab center. This program provides:

  • Residential care
  • The development of a comprehensive continuing care guide
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for people with mental health disorders
  • Gender-specific programming
  • Extended stays for chronic addictions

We understand the many challenges that people face during recovery. Every client’s journey at The Arbor begins with a full assessment process. When appropriate, clients are assigned a support team composed of a medical director, recovery manager, recovery coach, primary therapist, and psychiatrist. This team of experts follows their assigned clients through every step of the healing process, providing expert care and a source of accountability, relationship, and support.

Our clinical team understands the prevalence of mental health and addiction appearing together. Many people with addictions bring histories of trauma or psychiatric disorders with them upon entering recovery. The Arbor regards treating mental illness as an essential element of addiction recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Program

Another structure that clients can engage in at The Arbor’s drug rehab center is intensive outpatient addiction treatment. Typically, intensive outpatient care is best implemented for people looking to transition out of a residential program but who still need considerable support and therapy. In some cases, outpatient programming is sufficient for treating mild addictions from day one.

The Arbor’s intensive outpatient drug rehab program blends evidence-based therapies, experiential workshops, 12-step facilitation, personal and spiritual development, and family support. The program lasts eight weeks, with clients expected to commit to and attend the program in its entirety to ensure they receive the full impact and benefits. Participants attend weekly individual and group therapy sessions, typically in the evening. This allows clients to work or manage family obligations in the evenings.

Family integration is a core component of The Arbor’s intensive outpatient program. That’s because successful recovery never happens in isolation. Methods used to involve family members in a person’s treatment include family therapy sessions, family group nights, and a family support group.

Transform Your Life at The Arbor

Regardless of the type of drug addiction treatment received, all of our clients can expect to experience three priorities that set us apart from other addiction treatment providers. A personalized approach to rehab helps us provide the best care. Each client receives top-notch, wraparound services from their support team, who take the time to get to know every client’s needs, motivations, and desires.

The second priority is family involvement. Families are partners in recovery and part of the village that it takes to succeed in beating addiction. Both residential and outpatient programming offer ample opportunities for families to get involved, support their loved one’s recovery, and begin to heal the rifts that addiction causes in the family structure. The third piece is a focus on physical, nutritional, and emotional wellness. That means supporting clients in eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise through fitness and yoga classes, and accessing ongoing education that can equip them to lead a healthier life. Addiction does not need to define your life. Contact our luxury drug rehab center at 844.413.2690 to take the first step toward a new you.