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Art Therapy Program

therapist working with client in an art therapy program as they work through addiction and trauma issuesArt therapy is a therapeutic modality that is used as part of treatment programs for mental health and substance use disorders. You might think that you have to have artistic ability, but in fact, art therapy is for anyone. The practice of art therapy brings out each person’s creativity in whatever form it is. It assists in forming better communication and self-expression as part of a treatment program. Along with traditional talk therapies, alternative therapies like art and equine therapy provide a holistic balance to the treatment experience.

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What Is Art Therapy?

Art therapy takes the form of group sessions led by licensed art therapists as part of treatment for mental health or substance use disorders. Art is used as an aid in the process of healing and recovery. Art can take many forms, including painting, singing, dancing, poetry, and more. The goal is to help people tap into their creativity without imposed rules or restrictions. Studies have shown the effectiveness of art therapy, which is why it is offered as part of most therapy programs. It can assist in unlocking unprocessed emotions in the brain.

Self-expression through art can help build confidence and self-esteem in clients receiving treatment for mental health or substance use disorders. Improved communication skills and being able to better get in touch with one’s feelings are also benefits of art therapy. An art therapist works with clients in a safe space so that there is every opportunity to explore their creativity through whatever they are feeling. This type of therapy works especially well with clients who are non-verbal.

Art Therapy Programs For Addiction

When used to treat addiction, art therapy is part of a holistic treatment experience alongside other therapies. There is a misconception that you must have proven artistic ability to participate in art therapy, but that is not the case. Everyone has creativity in them, and art therapy can help bring it out for those who have not tapped into that part of their brain. Art provides an outlet that can relieve stress and redirect energy and emotions in a positive direction. Anyone can benefit from art therapy, adults and adolescents alike.

The benefits of art therapy include:

  • Improved self-esteem – Being able to complete a project and have a feeling of accomplishment goes a long way to building self-confidence.
  • Expressing emotions – For those who have trouble articulating their feelings, this can be done through the art itself in a nonverbal way.
  • Alleviating stress – Having a project to focus on frees the mind from dwelling on negative thoughts or future uncertainties.
  • Relief from depression – The creative process stimulates the brain and the production of dopamine, creating the feeling of pleasure.
  • Personal growth – Learning something new—or coming back to art—can help you work through buried feelings and emotions that may have led to addiction.

Art therapy programs have proven benefits for those in recovery from trauma and addiction. Let the specialists at The Arbor guide you.

Learn More About Art Therapy at The Arbor

Art therapy can be an excellent option for treating substance use disorders. The Arbor offers a variety of therapeutic modalities to create a customized treatment plan that is unique to each client’s needs. This form of therapy is in a group setting where collaboration is encouraged among clients participating. It not only promotes a sense of community but helps with social and communication skills, as well as team building. It is one of many approaches where a client can work with peers through shared experiences.

In addition to art therapy, The Arbor offers equine-assisted therapy, trauma therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and many other evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches.

Contact The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare online or by calling 844.413.2690 to learn more about art therapy and its benefits.