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Am I Allowed to Rest?

man rests on tree

In your busy life, you may not schedule time for yourself to rest. Between school, work, taking care of the family, and making sure you are keeping up with your recovery routines, it can be difficult to sit, relax, and purposefully do nothing. You may even question if you are even allowed to rest. Arbor is here to tell you that you are allowed to rest. You can take time out of your busy schedule—we encourage it! Rest is vital to keeping us healthy both physically and mentally. It allows us to refuel and keep us on the journey we’re meant to be on. If you are struggling with feeling like you are allowed to rest, we’re here to give you some tips.

Let Go of Guilt

Because of your busy schedule, you may be feeling guilty for even thinking about carving out time for yourself to rest. If you’re feeling guilty for just thinking about resting, that means you probably aren’t implementing enough of it into your life. If you’re struggling with allowing yourself to rest, try to let go of the guilt. If you aren’t taking any time for yourself to do nothing, you are doing a detriment to all other areas of your life. If you feel run-down and overwhelmed, you aren’t going to be able to be your best self in your school life, work life, family life, and recovery life. A lack of rest impacts all of these things. Try reminding yourself that you are allowed to rest. Let go of that feeling of guilt and tell yourself that you deserve time to rest.

Allow Yourself Whatever Type of Rest You Need

Everyone rests in different ways. Some people find it relaxing to sit and watch a television show, while others find relaxation in silently reading a book. Some people even like to sit quietly and do nothing. Whatever type of rest you need, give yourself permission to do it. Step away from others and sit quietly if you need to. Rest not only your body but your mind. Let yourself daydream so that you aren’t focusing on your worries. Don’t expect anything of your rest either. This is a time for you to do what feels right.

The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to help you rest during your recovery. Rest can help you refuel but also serve as a healthy reset to get you back on track. Call us today at (844) 413-2690. We can’t wait to hear from you! Call now!