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What Motivates Your Recovery?

group discusses motivation for recovery

What matters most to you? If you’re in recovery this significant milestone is most certainly at the top of the list. The loved ones and family members who have helped you achieve your goal of sobriety rank pretty high on the list as well.   Perhaps you may not have reached your goal, or it would have been a lot harder, without the people in your life who supported your growth. Our success is often intertwined with the presence of those we care about. And their existence may be even more important to our motivation to succeed than we realize. That’s the inspirational finding of a large international study on the factors that motivate us as human beings. “People consistently rated kin care and mate retention as the most important motivations in their lives, and we found this over and over, in all 27 countries (and over 7,000 people) that participated,” said study author Ahra Ko. Kin care is scientific lingo for the caring, supportive dynamic that takes place within the realm of our interpersonal relationships, including family and friends. In short, the study findings indicate that our loved ones can be crucial to recovery and the part they play should not be underestimated. The study was led by a group of social and evolutionary professors from Arizona State University. Their findings are especially relevant because family- and kin-based motivations have traditionally not been studied by evolutionary psychologists. Instead, evolutionary scientists have researched how mate selection and sexual behavior motivate our behavior. Scientifically, the emphasis makes sense since reproduction and sexual behavior is embedded in our DNA, without a doubt influencing our behavior. However, subjects from across the globe rated these motivations as the least important factors influencing their levels of motivation. Instead, the overwhelming majority of study participants reported that relationship quality, including taking care of their loved ones, to be the most important behavioral motivator. In a nutshell, there is no substitute for caring, supportive, and positive relationships when it comes to succeeding in and maintaining, the recovery process.

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