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How Can I Make a Positive Difference Today?

woman makes positive difference in community

Think of it as paying it forward with mental health: Unable to stand by and do nothing after a rash of local teen suicides, Washington state dad Colby Wallace joined the, “You Matter” campaign as a way of helping others. The Seattle resident knew he had to act after learning about four teen suicides in his area. “These were local high school students and no one was really talking about it,” Wallace said in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle. When he found out about the Don’t Give Up Movement, he knew what he had to do. Amy Wolfe began the movement in 2017 when she, like Wallace, became concerned about suicide rates in her community. In response, the Oregon mother started distributing motivational signs. Her initial impulse has turned into a full-fledged non-profit that now sells the signs and other encouraging merchandise. So far Wallace has bought 15 of Wolfe’s positive signs including ones that say, You’re Worthy of Love, Don’t Give Up, You Matter, and Your Mistakes Don’t Define You. The signs are gentle reminders for those who need a bit of encouragement. “I’ve learned that you never know who is struggling,” says Wallace. “Some people seem like they have it together but need to hear this.” “A woman told me she was in tears after dropping off her daughter at school because the sign made her feel heard,” he says. As Wallace notes, you never know who might need a bit of motivation, and so he placed one that says, Don’t Give Up, on a hill that bicyclists frequent. Wallace’s pay it forward impulse has definitely made an impact in his community. He has received donations from neighbors for new signs and he plans to continue placing the signs where their message can be heard. “I would love for someone to continue this work in other neighborhoods,” he says, “Really, anyone can do this. Wallace’s simple gesture is a great example of how a little kindness goes a long way: what do you want to do to encourage others along the way?

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