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What Are Some Examples of Art Therapy Projects for Addiction Recovery?

man participates in art therapy

Andy Macia, writer for A Lust for Life – a website that publishes relatable information on mental health, physical health, soul topics and more, explained 5 major ways that art therapy helped him heal in addiction recovery:

  1.     It provided him with an outlet to explore his emotions when words weren’t readily available.
  2.     He experienced emotional release from visually expressing himself.
  3.     After letting the expectation that he had to a “great artist” go, he was able to embrace art therapy for what it was – and that’s what gave him greater confidence in his own personal projects.
  4.     Art therapy provided him with a safe space to stop and think about what he was going through mentally, physically and spiritually.
  5.     Through art therapy projects, Andy found a greater sense of passion. He felt more motivated than ever before to help other people.

A 2015 study published by Loyola Marymount University emphasized that art therapy can be used to help people overcome some of the most sensitive topics they face – such as trauma, cultural concerns, negative emotional experiences, problematic family dynamics and more – all while giving a person a creative space to explore these issues. For someone who doesn’t consider themselves very artistic, art therapy may seem intimidating; what type of projects should a person expect with this outlet? The most important thing to remember is that you do not have to consider yourself “artistic” by any means – and there is no judgment on the work that you produce. Art therapy projects can range from drawing or painting what stress looks like to you – to simply drawing with no particular purpose in mind, just to see where you end up. Projects like drawing in sand can be incredibly relaxing, yet drawing what you believe represents freedom could open your mind up to possibilities you never thought were possible.

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