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Wide Open Spaces: How Nature Can Ground You in Addiction Recovery

man meditates in nature

When we’re wrapped up in our daily lives, we often struggle to find moments of peace and calmness. Family responsibilities, social connections, business endeavors, school projects, substance dependency and more consume our day-to-day activities, and the “busyness” of it all can make it incredibly difficult for the mind, body and spirit to collaborate at a steady pace. We wear ourselves thin by pushing our abilities past their limits – and if you’re ready to slow everything down and focus on healing and restoration from it all, nature can be one of the best remedies. In 2017, writer Alexis Ahlzadeh explained to The Mighty, a website that publishes relatable stories on addiction, mental illness and recovery, that nature is what helped her regain stability after struggling with addiction. She stated, “I went to rehab…I spent months setting fire to the old parts of me that no longer worked…I nourished my body with food and yoga and my soul with laughter and views of the mountains.” Wide open spaces can not only be therapeutic for the sake of having lots of space, but they can also represent calmness in the mind – and that sense of serenity is what many people need. Addiction recovery is an incredibly vulnerable time and deserves an environment that is conducive towards healing and restoration; at The Arbor in Austin, TX, is located on a 67 acre land alongside the San Gabriel River. Clients who wish to see a holistic approach to addiction recovery will have time to relax and soak in the beautiful, down-to-earth setting that isn’t typically experienced outside of treatment. Now is the time to begin taking care of your mental, physical and spiritual health – and by getting a jumpstart on your addiction recovery at The Arbor, you’ll be surrounded by people who care about you, along with the implementation of a treatment program that’s tailored to your needs.

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare offers an integrative and holistic approach to treat substance abuse and a wide variety of addictions, as well as underlying mental health and psychological issues. All of the addiction recovery programs offered by The Arbor are designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit leading to a lifetime of sobriety, health and wellness. If you’re ready to find healing and restoration in a peaceful, loving environment, please call us today at 844-560-7269.