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Lortab Addiction Treatment

woman meets counselor for lortab addiction treatment

Lortab is one of the many brand names of codeine and hydrocodone, which belongs in the class of drugs known as opioids, along with heroin, morphine, methadone and more. The use of opioids such as Lortab is rising and leading to a great need for effective Lortab addiction treatment. All opioids are either partly or entirely derived from the poppy plant and are known for their pain killing properties and euphoric effects. They are highly addictive, with dependence known to occur in less than one week of regular use in some cases. Lortb addiction is both physical and psychological in nature. For many years it was mistakenly believed that there was no help for someone that was addicted to opiate use. Advances in medical treatment have shown this to not be correct and there are treatments available to help addicts break their addiction to this drug. Many people do not believe that they could ever allow themselves to slip so low as to become addicted to Lortab or other opiates, but opiate addiction is becoming increasingly common throughout the world.  While heroin is currently the most abused opiate substance, abuse of prescription opiates such as Lortab is rising fast. Many people are prescribed opiates to treat legitimate sources of organic pain. They may have suffered a significant injury in an accident or be dealing with painful medical treatments such as chemotherapy to treat cancer, and they slowly begin to turn to the drug more regularly and become addicted to it, unable to stop using Lortab or other opiates once the legitimate medical condition has healed. Slowly, the addict’s life becomes structured around obtaining and using the opiate, with many heroin users reportedly not being able to use less than at least every six hours.  Many opiate users become unable to hold down regular jobs or maintain a home life and end up descending into a life of crime to support their opiate habit. When you consider the effects of the drug and how hard it is to break free it is easy to see why many opiate users resign themselves to this lifestyle even when they know it will ultimately lead to their death. Opiate addiction is a recognized disturbance of the nervous system that results from prolonged use of opiates.  Opiates are highly addictive substances, some of which can be legally obtained, but many can only be obtained through illegal means.  Once someone begins using opiates, over time their bodies stop producing endorphins, the body’s own natural pain killer, and the cells that produce endorphins begin to die off, making the person increasingly physically and psychologically addicted to the substance in order to survive. When someone stops using opiates suddenly the withdrawal symptoms can make them very sick, and can even result in death. This is why it is paramount to obtain the right treatment for Lortab addiction. Addiction to opiates such as Lortab is almost impossible to defeat without professional help. Successful addiction treatment plans for Lortab addictions include medical detox, individual and group counseling, support groups and additional therapies to help the addict deal with both the physical and psychological aspects of their addiction to Lortab.