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Intensive Sober Living Program

intensive sober living in austin

Drug Rehab Options

Many people assume their only option for drug rehab is a fully structured inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment program that lasts 30 to 90 days. These programs offer excellent support for those at the beginning of their path to long-term health. However, many addicts benefit from longer term support and a smoother transition from the structure of these programs to full independence. One excellent option for easing this transition or for those who have experienced a brief relapse is an intensive sober living program such as that offered in the Arbor Sober Living Program.

Intensive Sober Living Program

Sober Living is a residential treatment program that offers a healthy middle ground between the structure of inpatient hospitalization and the lack of accountability of being on one’s own. An intensive sober living program typically focuses on helping the addict to develop early recovery skills to prevent relapse. These programs also feature family involvement, regular individual therapy and active participation in a 12 step groups. Residents are held to specific responsibilities including a a minimum work requirement, curfew, chores and at least five meetings per week. For individuals who have tried to stop using and abusing drugs and have failed, a sober living program offers additional time to practice life skills and build the support network needed to prevent relapse. One benefit of an intensive sober living program is that participants benefit from sober peers. Sober peers work together as they adjust to a drug free lifestyle. Sober living reinforces the new coping skills and life skills that are learned to prevent relapse. These types of programs last for several months and are ideal for addicts who have a history of prior relapse. Sober living is good for those who do not live in an environment that supports the effort to remain drug free. Arbor Sober Living houses are structured so that the addict attends work or school, while living in the house. This provides all-important accountability.  Temptations and cravings to use will always remain with the addict. Residents benefit from the support of fellow sufferers at the same stage of recovery.  Additionally, access to the staff and services offered by sober living provide the support needed by the addict to overcome their addiction. The Arbor Intensive Sober Living Program is available for both men and women in gender specific houses.