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How Mental Health Was Treated to Britney Spears in 2007 to Now

woman discusses mental health with therapist

More than a decade ago, celebrities showing mental illness symptoms were called “breakdowns.” It was seen as a scandal and something to look down on. Singer Britney Spears seeking help for treatment compared to back in 2007 shows how progress is being made towards treating celebrities who are just looking for help in keeping their mental illness symptoms under control.

Back in 2007

In 2007, Britney Spears was seen in a negative view after displaying moments of instability. She shaved her head as well as attacked a group of paparazzis with an umbrella who were following her. There were terms used to describe these moments such as “breakdown” and “meltdown.” Even CBS posted a timeline of “Britney’s Meltdown” and MTV posted “Britney Spears’ Downward Spiral: A Timeline of Tumult.” Three months after Spears shaved her head, she wrote a letter to her fans telling them she was seeking treatment because she felt lost.  In 2016, Spears admitted that the reason for her acts in 2007 was because of her severe anxiety about so many things. Talk shows were making a mockery of her behavior except for Craig Ferguson, who said that we should not be attacking people who are vulnerable. While she was experiencing something serious and terrifying, the public was poking fun at her. Spears probably felt at the time that she needed to write that letter to explain to others that her behavior was not as a result of drugs. People saw going to rehab as a last resort back then.

Today in 2020

Thirteen years later, Spears checked into a rehab facility after dealing with the stress of her father’s health. There is more understanding now of what mental illness really is like. People are more aware not only of how hard it is to be a celebrity, but of how hard it is to be human sometimes. Now, seeking treatment is not summed up in the term “breakdown.” Treatment is about putting your mental health needs first before anything else. Ever since 2007, more celebrities have felt more comfortable expressing their mental illnesses such as Emma Stone and Selena Gomez’s anxiety, Demi Lovato’s substance abuse, Oprah Winfrey making a docu-series on mental health, and many other celebrities. Spears going to rehab the first time in 2007 made people think hard of mental illness and helped open up discussions to think of seeking treatment as a strength.

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