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  How Can Al-Anon Help You Help Yourself?

group meets at al-anon session

Are you concerned about someone who is drinking too much? Help and hope for families and friends of alcoholics is available through Al-Anon, a mutual support group whose goal is helping the loved ones affected by problem drinking. Al-Anon works by helping individuals to learn how to cope with the challenges that come with living with the effects of someone’s alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is a complex issue, and you don’t have to travel this road alone. The individuals at the meetings have experienced a problem with someone else’s drinking and you may ask questions or to talk about your situation, but if you are more comfortable simply listening, you may do that, too. What can you expect from attending an AlAnon meeting? You will have the opportunity to listen to others who are experiencing the same issues as you and share your own story. Participants can learn valuable tips and lessons from those who are in the same boat and offer mutual support during trying times. At every AlAnon meeting, there will be individuals who share how AlAnon has worked for them and you can receive help in understanding how problem drinking is a family illness that affects everyone in the family. The meeting usually starts with a reading of the Twelve Steps of AlAnon, valuable information that serves as tools in addressing the effects of problem drinking. Some studies have shown that when alcohol abusers participate in recovery programs, their odds of a successful outcome increases when they are supported by a loved one who participates in a structured family recovery program such as AlAnon. What if the problem drinker in your life is a friend and not an immediate family member? If this is the case for you, you are still welcome in AlAnon meetings. The group offers help and understanding and for anyone who is adversely affected by the drinking of someone else in their life You can even attend electronic Al-Anon meetings if that format is more convenient for you. According to their website, online and phone formats include the following: Phone, Email, Chat, Blog, Bulletin Board, Instant Messaging (Skype, WhatsApp, Discord, etc.), Web Conferencing (Zoom, WebEx, etc.) and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

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