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Coming to Terms

young woman practices journaling

Many people struggle with mental illness or addiction. For those of us dealing with one, or both, of these things, it may be difficult to look back on the past when you were doing well. How did I get here? you might ask yourself. You may have been unable to see the future, so now that you are in it, it’s difficult to comprehend. This is why it’s important to savor the milestones you reach. They are all important! We know that sometimes these milestones can be bittersweet. There are ways to come to terms with the thoughts you’re having. We can help.   

Be in the Moment

Taking things day by day when you’re dealing with a mental illness or addiction is important. You may not even be able to see past the current moment if you’re dealing with depression, for example. Try not to overwhelm yourself by looking too far into the future. Recovery can be a lot to handle, so don’t let yourself get drained. Focus on today and take things in small steps. You’ve got this.   

Keep Your Goals in Mind

While you take things day by day, it’s important to remember that you must keep your short and long-term goals in mind. Make future plans that will help further your recovery and work toward those plans with an open mind. Creating goals helps you keep those milestones in mind and work toward them.  

Be Proud of Your Accomplishments

When you complete a goal you’ve set for yourself, allow yourself to be proud. Each day you remain sober is a time to celebrate. Allow yourself the space to be proud of your milestones. Take in the praise from those around you and be proud of yourself, you deserve it!  

Don’t Deny Yourself to Feel

Each day you fight takes a toll on yourself. It can weigh you down and keep you from wanting to continue to fight. It may be hard, but recovery is worth it. Allow yourself to feel how hard it is, but don’t quit. Feel whatever you’re feeling but feel the weight of the moment and allow yourself the capacity to push through.   

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