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Are Things Always What They Seem?

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Is the grass always greener on the other side? Most often, we know that it’s not. We don’t have the privilege of always being able to see above the fence and assess our neighbor’s grass. Instead, we must learn that the grass is greener for those who water it. We must focus on ourselves and what we can do to water our own lawn and forget about the grass we don’t have access to. This is often the case when someone of a high profile talks about their mental illness or dies by suicide. We may have thought they were immune, but no one is really immune. Things aren’t always what they seem.   

“We Didn’t See It Coming”

Society often talks about how they didn’t see something coming when something happens to someone popular. But, could you really have seen it coming? Do you have access to what goes on in their head? Or what goes on in their home? Of course not. You may think that famous people don’t struggle like the rest of us, or go through what the rest of us go through, but it’s just not true. We must question this mindset and put an end to all of the “we didn’t see it coming.”  

Everyone Is Struggling With Something You Have No Idea About

People struggle in silence with so many things. This is evident when someone of notoriety dies by suicide, like Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, and Kate Spade. Age, gender, and social status do not matter to mental illness or addiction. We don’t know what they go through, so we shouldn’t be judging their decisions.   

It’s Not a Contest

No one really knows the whole story. Some people often debate who had it worse, but suffering isn’t a contest. No one wants to win the “I suffer the most” award. How can we decide who is “bad enough” when we aren’t privy to their struggle?  

You Are Not Alone

If people are struggling to understand your struggle, know that you are not alone. You don’t have to be “bad enough” to get help. You deserve help no matter what. If you are struggling, reach out to Arbor Behavioral Healthcare.  

We offer many different programs that can beneficial to you. Call Arbor Behavioral Healthcare today at 844-413-2690. We can’t wait to help you today. Call now, you won’t be disappointed.