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Why Is Self-Care So Important When Things Are Falling Apart?

woman practices self-care

We can all agree that self-care is important for our well-being and recovery. Yet, like many things we know are good for us, it sometimes takes a little nudging to get us in gear! Although there is never a right or wrong time to engage in a bit of self-care, it’s especially important in times of increased stress. With that in mind, here are a few ways to take some me-time to heal, decompress, or just relax when you most need to:  

Spend Some Time in Solitude

In trying times we often take comfort in the company of others, and the healing balm of friendship is a treasured gift. At the same time, remember to give yourself whatever time and space you may need to process your thoughts and feelings in solitude. This is especially true for introverts, who may need plenty of alone time to regain a feeling of groundedness. 

Re-Center and Re-Ground

Speaking of grounding, reconnecting with the natural environment is a powerful way to regain our natural balance. The external world is full of inspirational images, sounds, and smells, all of which can recalibrate your inner focus. This may take the form of a brisk walk in a park or simply reclining in a lounge chair where you can feel the breeze tickle your skin.

Seek out Pleasant Sensations

Appealing to our senses can often fast-track us on the way to feeling better. How about lighting a candle in your favorite fragrance? A long, hot shower will never fail to leave you refreshed and with a second wind for whatever you were tackling beforehand. Listen to your favorite song, eat your favorite snack, do both at the same time! The idea is to indulge your senses and uplift your spirit at the same time.

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