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What is Ketamine?

woman discusses narcan with doctor

Ketamine is a drug classified as a dissociative anesthetic and is mostly used on animals during veterinary procedures.  Despite not being considered safe for recreational use by humans, some people use ketamine by injecting it, snorting it, or adding it to marijuana joints to be smoked.  Ketamine has several intense effects that may vary depending on dosage and what other drugs are being consumed. Some common effects of the drug are a sense of detachment, a dream-like state, confusion, nausea, hallucinations, and an inability to feel pain.  Over time, prolonged ketamine use can cause panic attacks, symptoms of depression, and issues with memory. Ketamine increases heart rate and blood pressure, which can potentially be fatal, especially if mixed with other drugs.  Aside from the risk of overdose, prolonged ketamine use has been shown to cause problems with the urinary tract, liver, and stomach.  Psychologically, ketamine can make the user feel as if they have no control over their body or what is happening to them, which can cause panic and lasting agitation.  Additionally, ketamine use can worsen existing mental illnesses. Regular ketamine users may also suffer from traumatic flashbacks and problems with concentration. Ketamine is currently being tested for use in combatting severe depression and suicidal thoughts, but there is more research that needs to be done to establish a clear connection.  Meanwhile, individuals with depression should not attempt to treat themselves with ketamine unless under the supervision of a medical professional. While not known to be physically addictive, ketamine can create a tolerance that requires increased use to achieve the same effect, as well as psychological dependence.  Seeking treatment for ketamine abuse is the best way to quit ketamine, as well as resolve any underlying issues that may have led to substance abuse,

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