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Recovery Apps to Keep You on Track 

woman downloads sobriety aid to phone

Technology opens so many doors for healing, education, and connection to others. When we’re able to track our progress in real-time and notice fluctuations or areas in need of improvement, we’re able to improve in our wellbeing and lifestyle. If you did a quick search on the internet, you’d find that there are millions of apps readily available – some that cost, and some that don’t. In addition to this, they cover a wide variety of topics – and those in addiction recovery can benefit from using apps when it comes to monitoring their alcohol consumption, receiving daily motivational messages for recovery, and more. Apps can enhance social support and can provide recovery assistance in the blink of an eye – and for those who’d like something additional to further support their recovery, an app could be the best option.

Take a look into the following addiction recovery apps:

  1.     Twenty-Four Hours a Day

With 366 meditations for daily use, this app is meant to be used for inspiration and support. Individuals can bookmark their favorites and search messages by certain keywords they’re looking for – the app is $5.99. 

  1.     AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

This app includes a blood alcohol content calculator and it tracks alcohol consumption; if a person is concerned that they may be misusing alcohol, this app can be very beneficial. The app will show a chart of alcohol use depending on the day, week, month and year. It is $3.49 per item.

  1.     I Am Sober

A person can track their sober days as well as build new habits – and this app also provides daily pledges to help keep people accountable. It’s free with in-app purchases and can be an excellent form of support alongside treatment.  It depends on the need of the person – but technology could greatly help a person keep track of the aspects of their lives that matter most.

At Arbor Behavioral Healthcare, you will meet knowledgeable, compassionate professionals that understand addiction in all its forms.  The Arbor uses an integrative and holistic approach to treat addiction and mental health issues. No treatment is one-size-fits-all, and at The Arbor, you will have a team of experts prepared to create your customized treatment plan.  We offer care for your mind, body, and spirit so that you can heal from the inside out and look forward to a lifetime of sobriety and wellness. If you are ready to take the first step in your recovery, please call us at 844-413-2690.