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What Do I Do About Feeling Lonely?

woman struggles with feelings of loneliness

Recovery can be a lonely time for so many of us. We are working hard on ourselves, and some of us don’t have a support system which can make it even harder. Sometimes, we may have a support system around us and we still feel lonely. Social interaction is an important thing to implement in your recovery. Just being around people isn’t enough. You’ve got to connect with them on a deeper level. “We all feel lonely at times, even when we’re surrounded by people, but it is only by reaching out that we can make new connections,” says Josephine Carnegie, author of “I Feel Really Lonely at Work” for In The Moment magazine. Continue reading to learn more about how you can get over feeling lonely.  

Try to Build up the Confidence to Reach Out

If you are feeling lonely even when you are surrounded by people, there’s a chance that someone else feels the way you do. Have you made an effort to reach out to those around you? If work has got you feeling lonely, Carnegie recommends to set up a social occasion that doesn’t involve work. Similarly, if you are feeling lonely in your 12-Step meetings, try to connect with someone and plan a time to grab lunch or a cup of coffee and talk about something other than your recovery. Branching out from the same thing you’re always doing is a good way to feel a little less lonely. It can be difficult, especially for those of us that are shy, to build up this confidence. It’s so worth it, though. It might be scary at first, but being lonely is probably much more of a drag.   

You Aren’t the Only Person Feeling This Way

It can be difficult to understand, but you are not alone. Just like you’ve learned that other people are on the path to sobriety, they too may be feeling lonely. Find someone that you have something in common with and reach out to them, perhaps they’d love to hear from you. Carnegie adds, “When we’ve been lonely for a significant amount of time, we can start to think that the rest of the world is unanimously us, but you’ll generally find that people are quite nice and kind if only a little stressed or busy [themselves].”  

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