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What Are the Signs of an Addictive Personality?

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The term ‘addictive personality’ is not an official diagnosis. Research has shown some individuals may be prone to addictive behavior. Many studies demonstrate links between certain personality traits and alcohol and drug abuse problems. The following are some signs found in people with addictive personalities.

Stress and Anxiety

Individuals with addictive personalities tend to carry loads of stress and anxiety. It is thought this may be attributed to having personal regret or disappointment from others experienced as a result of substance use and impulsive actions.

Impulsive Behavior

People with addictive personalities love excitement and new things. They tend to feel like they need to experience great things and cannot control themselves. They pursue the thrill anyway, regardless of known risks.

Antisocial Behavior

Antisocial behavior is common for people who may struggle with addiction. They tend to feel withdrawn from society. As a result, they turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to cope.

Difficulty Committing to Goals

People with addictive personalities struggle with meeting expectations and goals. This is attributed to their desire to pursue passion that is greater than the desire to do what is right.

Negative Self-Image

People with addictive personalities may struggle with feeling self-conscious or not feeling like they have worth. When thrills of using substances pass, there are empty, tired, and negative feelings that emerge. Feelings of remorse may also emerge. Addictive behavior can hinder relationships and make it hard to break the cycle of addiction. Addictive behavior hinders a person’s life no matter how they fell into addiction. Self-destructive behaviors are a challenge and need support. Freedom from addiction is possible with the help of trained professionals who understand the challenges and how to support people through detox to rehab and beyond.

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