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Creating Your Story

woman rides in car

For some, they see clearly where they have been in their lives and have a precise view of where they are going. For the rest of us, we are just glad we have matching shoes on when we leave the house in the morning. Regardless of which side you relate to best, knowing exactly how you got to where you are today can provide enlightenment as to where you need to go. It can also give you confidence that you have accomplished so much and have come so far already. Giving yourself credit for what you have survived to get to where you are today is a critical part of the recovery process. Develop your own story and connect the dots of the events that brought you to this very moment. Look at the trauma you have been through, the dark portions of your life. Look at the fantastic things you have accomplished and overcome. Use these events as the storyboard that creates your unique journey thus far. This is your story. It is special and unique to you. Memorize your story and make sure that you rehearse it in your mind often. This process reiterates your strength and builds your confidence as you consistently remind yourself how amazing you are and how far you have come. Now that you know your story inside and out design your future. Create a clear image of who you want to be and define the path you will take to get you there. Visualize your accomplishments and your successes. Feel what a life of sobriety feels like and embrace the commitment. When things get tough, take a moment and dive into this visualization to give you renewed strength and dedication to beat addiction. Now that you know sobriety is the path you plan to take toward your future, Villa Tranquil can help you make it happen. Welcoming women ages 18-65, Villa Tranquil provides the support necessary to make sobriety a reality in your life. With a wide variety of recovery services available such as therapy groups, life skills training, and counseling opportunities, Villa Tranquil can prepare you for the unexpected twists and turns of recovery. Preparation can be the difference between relapse and sobriety, so allow Villa Tranquil to help ensure you are as ready as possible for what is to come. Don’t waste another moment of your life. Call Villa Tranquil today.

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare knows that lifetime sobriety, health, and wellness, are completely possible. Each of our treatment programs offer the opportunity for holistic healing utilizing an integrative approach for the recovery of mind, body, and spirit. You can recover. You will recover. Call us today for more information: 844-560-7269