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Self-Soothing Techniques

woman practices self-soothing techniques

  Everyone can benefit from self-soothing techniques. These are extremely helpful, especially for people that identify as introverts or empaths. Stress is everywhere, particularly when we go with the flow of those around us. Stressful situations make introverts and empaths expel so much energy, so they feel the negative impacts of stress that much more. You don’t have to be an introvert or empath, though, to use these techniques to help you calm down in a stressful situation. These tools can help everyone! Continue reading for more information about how you can self-soothe in stressful moments.

Put the Situation in Perspective

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be helpful to put the situation into perspective. The goal of this isn’t to disregard your feelings, but to help you realize that you have been in situations as stressful or more stressful than the present moment, and you got through those. This can help you see that you can get through this moment too. Your anxiety may be high; you might want to give up. However, you can remind yourself that the pain and stress of the moment will subside and you will get through this. Be kind to yourself. Notice how you are talking to yourself. You deserve the kindness you give to everyone else.

Reassure Yourself

You can get through anything you put your mind to. Nothing is too big for you to climb. Feel your feelings, but then reassure yourself that you will get past the hard feelings. Don’t dwell in them. Tell yourself that although you may be overwhelmed, you can deal with what you are feeling. You are not your emotions. You are you: a person who can deal with them and move forward. You are capable of anything you put your mind to. Reassure yourself of that.

Validate Yourself

Try not to invalidate your feelings when you are in a tough moment. You deserve to feel what you are feeling. Accept that you are hurting now, but know that these feelings will pass. You’re allowed to have these tough feelings. It’s okay. You can move forward, though. Allow yourself to move forward by using meditation techniques like deep breathing or mindfulness. These things can help calm you down.

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