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Learning To Live In Recovery

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The path of denial is often taken in recovery from substance use. Many people don’t think they have a problem when they really do. Those around you may see it, but being in the depths of it may preclude you from seeing the truth. If you’re coming out of the denial stage and realizing you may have a problem, we can help. Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here for you. Continue reading for more information about how you can learn to live in recovery.   

From Denial to Acceptance

Like we said above, denial is a huge step that one must overcome in order to receive help. You must be willing to help yourself. For Caroline Butterwick, author of “Embracing My Identity” for In The Moment magazine, she had to embrace that she is, “and always will be,” partially sighted. “By denying my visual impairment, I was making it harder to accept help,” admits Butterwick. So that she wouldn’t stand out because of her vision impairment, she tried to stand out in other ways. For those of us with substance use disorder, you might find yourself overcompensating to hide your problem. You must be willing to put the denial aside and admit you have a problem. The problem can be fixed with the help of Arbor Behavioral Healthcare.   

It Can Be Liberating

Receiving help can be liberating. You have probably struggled with substance use for so long that it has become your norm. It doesn’t have to be your norm! Help is attainable if you reach out. Butterwick has found that out, too. She decided to be “honest about the support [she’d] need, which meant reasonable adjustments were put in place. [She] was starting to accept [her] disability, making it easier to accept help.” Accepting the help she deserved was difficult, but it was worth it. You’ll feel the same way when you come to Arbor Behavioral Healthcare.   

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to help you get over your substance use disorder and any co-occurring disorders you may have. It can be scary, but we’re here to help. Our trained and experienced staff is here for you throughout your journey. Call us today at 844-413-2690. We can’t wait to speak with you and get you the help you need today. Call now!