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How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your System?

tired-looking young man looking out the window wondering how long does heroin stay in your system

When an individual becomes addicted to heroin, it takes over their life. Chasing the high that the drug creates becomes their singular focus, and they become disconnected from friends, family, and the responsibilities of life. To rid the body of harmful drugs and learn healthy coping techniques to stay sober for life, professional drug treatment is recommended. At The Arbor, we employ a holistic approach to treatment and recovery with traditional therapies and experiential therapies.

Heroin is highly addictive, and its use can have lasting negative effects on your physical and mental health. To effectively tackle heroin abuse, reach out to the team at The Arbor for more information on heroin addiction treatment.

Figuring Out How Long Heroin Stays in Your System

While heroin can stay in each person’s system for different amounts of time—depending on certain factors—there are some basic parameters on how heroin passes through the body. It’s known to be found in one’s urine for up to 2 days after taking the drug and stays in other bodily fluids like saliva and blood for a few hours following use. Another form of measure is known as the drug’s half-life. This is how long the active substance in the drug takes to be literally cut in half. Heroin’s half-life is found to be about 30 minutes. So, a half hour after using the drug, half the amount of heroin taken has completely passed through the body.

The additional factors that affect the length of time heroin stays in your body include;

  • A body’s BMI
  • Family history
  • The physical size of the person
  • Age
  • Metabolism
  • One’s overall health
  • How hydrated someone is
  • The drug itself and it’s makeup
  • How much of the drug is taken

Another thing to consider is the fact that the more of the drug used, and the longer you use it can make it stay in your body longer, and so extend the length of the time it takes to pass through the body and be detected in bodily fluids. The drug hides in fatty tissues of the body and then eventually flushes out. This longer length of time having drugs in your body also causes long-term adverse health issues.

Heroin Abuse Treatment Options

The Arbor offers a unique rehab experience in a picturesque environment, supported by therapeutic professionals, effective programming, and peers going through similar experiences. Addiction is often accompanied by a co-occurring mental health disorder, which is why dual diagnosis treatment is a top priority at The Arbor. In addition to various traditional talk therapies and behavioral therapies, a focus on experiential therapies—such as equine therapy—is part of the holistic treatment experience on the Georgetown, Texas campus.

Recovery is a lifelong process and aftercare programming is extremely important to maintaining recovery. Relapse prevention programs and alumni programs are integral to this success. These programs include providing community resources, career support, and other programs and meetings to foster a successful re-entry into everyday life following treatment. Involving family in the treatment and recovery process is also advantageous. Having a strong support system as you go through this journey will set you up for the best chance at success.

Start Recovery with a Holistic Approach to Heroin Addiction Treatment at The Arbor

Since withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous with a serious addiction, many who are addicted to heroin do not seek treatment because they fear the withdrawal process. In their altered state, they may believe that numbing themselves with more drugs is easier than getting treatment and going through withdrawal. However, with the proper support, treatment program, and environment, the treatment and recovery journey can be well managed for each individual’s needs and comfort.

Experience what treatment can look like in a caring, comfortable, and safe environment run by a team of professionals who are focused on your success. Contact The Arbor online or call 844.413.2690 to find out more about a holistic approach to heroin addiction treatment.