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How Did Amputee Karen Warren Go From Depression to Bodybuilder?

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When being in a life-changing accident affects our life, it can lead us to a deep depression when all of the dreams you had before are forever shattered. That is what 19 year-old Kelly Warren dealt with when she became an amputee. Warren is an example of someone who did not let herself enter into a deep depression for long, but followed a new dream to give her life new meaning.

What Led To Karen Warren Becoming An Amputee?

In 2009, aspiring dancer Karen Warren, at nine years-old, was on her way to the Australian Ballet at the Opera House in Sydney when a passing bus ran over and crushed her foot. Warren was rushed to the hospital when she was in surgery for 12 hours to stop the blood loss and fix her left foot, but nothing could be done. Her foot had no choice but to be amputated and had to spend three weeks in the hospital before she could come home. Warren would no longer be able to dance again.

What Challenges Did Warren Face When She Returned Home?

Warren spent months learning how to walk, run, and climb with her new prosthetic. High school ended up being hard for her as the constant questions about her amputated leg by classmates led her to miss classes on some days. Warren hit a deep depression where she would be drinking, partying, and wishing to go to a different school. At 14, Warren would drink until she passed out and then started self-harming. She went to the hospital many times, went to a drug and alcohol rehab, and attempted suicide twice.

What Positive Changes Did Warren Make?

After she overdosed on pills on May 14th and almost died, Warren stayed away from bad influences by taking nursing classes and revolving her life behind fitness. She learned about the importance on working on her physical and mental strength. In what started as an unhealthy weight loss turned into training to gain muscle and become strong and healthy again. Warren realized that in grieving the loss of her foot, she was ruining her own life.

What Is Warren Up To Now?

Warren is now a bodybuilder and the first amputee to be a professional bodybuilder in an able-bodied division. She hopes to be an inspiration to young people, including amputees, to teach others the physical and mental aspects of good health.

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