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How Can You Cope With the Trauma of a School Shooting?

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It can be really easy to experience the devastating effects of a mass shooting. You do not even need to be there to experience trauma as you understand the chances of there being another mass shooting in your area. It is important to take care of yourself if you are going through the trauma of a mass school shooting before your mental health leads to devastating consequences. 

What Causes Us to Feel Trauma After a Mass Shooting?

Mass shootings can give those watching the news feel a sense of anxiety and helplessness whether you are a few minutes away from the area or very far away. When you hear about others who have died in the shooting who had no means to defend themselves, you feel empathy towards those deaths and the families suffering as we all know what it feels like to suffer. If a victim was someone of the same religion or the same age as you or your children, it can be very difficult to understand just how a tragedy like this could have come into being. Trauma can lead to symptoms such as tension headaches, stress, shortness of breath, and nausea. You may even experience moments where you break out into tears. Another problem is when people keep tuning into the news. When a mass shooting happens, you will see news articles and newscasts occur for a few weeks with updates of the shooter as well as the victims. Even though we tell ourselves that we want to see positive stories, we cannot help but tune into the negative more. Exposure to negative news on a stream can take a toll on a person’s mental health over time.

What Are the Best Ways to Take Care of Your Trauma?

You should never keep your feelings bottled up as the more you express yourself, the better you will feel after. You should also make sure that you maintain your same, normal routine as mass shootings can make you feel a lack of control. Continuing with your life by eating and sleeping right, being with your friends and family, and going to work on time will bring control to your life. Extend kindness to help victims and their families to make others happy and feel useful. No matter what, tell yourself that it is okay not to be okay so that you can admit that you need help.

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