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How Can Movement Help Me?

group participate in movement therapy

Crafting an active lifestyle is an important thing to do when you are in recovery from substance use. It not only keeps you physically healthy but mentally healthy as well. “An active lifestyle offers many benefits, but we need to move with intuition, care, and self-respect to reap those rewards,” says Tally Rye. Rye is a personal trainer and author of “Move Intuitively” for In The Moment magazine. Continue reading to learn more about how movement can help you!  

How Is Movement/Exercise Viewed?

“In modern society,” recalls Rye, “exercise has become synonymous with weight loss and aesthetics,” Rye says she, too, started exercising because it was a way to get the body she wanted. “My understanding was that it wasn’t enjoyable, but it’s just what you had to do to get the physique you wanted.” Rye continues on saying that she “weight trained with a bodybuilding-style split for years because it’s what I believed was best to manipulate my aesthetics and weight. But when I started to experiment with the idea of intuitive movement, I let myself be free from worrying about these things and my workout horizons hugely expanded.”   

How Should We Be Moving/Exercising?

She explains that there was no “right way” to train. She wasn’t stuck to “rigid confines” about working out and didn’t strive for results as much as she was striving for the journey to get there. She was able to have fun with the process of trying new things. An active lifestyle is important and significant in your recovery. It doesn’t really matter how you are moving or exercising, but what matters is that you are moving and exercising. “Activity can only be used as a tool when moving from a place of intuition, care, and respect. It’s about building trust so you can do what’s right for your mind and body in the moment, as opposed to just pushing through and disregarding how you feel mentally.” If you’ve been stuck in the same routine of exercising, try to shake it up. Go hiking on a hill and watch the sunset, practice kickboxing, or do a dance routine. Whatever feels right, go for it!  

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