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How Can I Become More Self-Reliant?

therapy group discusses self-reliance

“Learning to rely on ourselves can help us find independence and the strength which comes with it,” says Annika Rose, author of “How to Become More Self-Reliant” for In The Moment magazine. When it comes time to make a decision, do you stand up for yourself? Do you make the decision that benefits you and your loved ones, or do you fall back and let other people make the decisions? Do you take control, or do you let others take control? Your answers to these questions indicate whether you are self-reliant or not. Rose puts it well, asking, “Are you more likely to take control and find a way forward by forging your own path, or is your default response a little more damsel in distress?” She continues, “Making your own choices, taking responsibility, and flexing your independence are all tell-tale signs of how self-reliant you really are.” Take a moment to think about how self-reliant you are. 

Don’t settle

So many of us take a step back and let others make the decisions in a big moment. This isn’t a demonstration of self-reliance. By stepping back, we are taking the chance that we might not get what we want or need. In these decisive moments, we are learning to settle. Arbor Behavior Healthcare is here to help you learn to take control of your mental health and recovery. Never settle for less than you deserve. 

What can I gain from being self-reliant?

“There’s a lot to be gained from owning your own choices and striving for independence in different areas of your life, including greater self-esteem and a deep sense of satisfaction,” explains Rose. By being self-reliant, you can handle whatever curveball life throws at you. You can be confident that you will manage the task well and get what you need out of the situation. 


How can you learn to trust yourself so that you can be more self-reliant? Rose has some ideas for you:

  • “Permission granted!”

Don’t always wait for others to give you the permission you need to be self-reliant. Take control and grant yourself that permission.

  • “Balance your social and solitary time.”

Alone time helps you reflect on your decisions and replenish your energy. Still, you need to be around others to make good decisions for your recovery, so don’t spend too much time alone. Find a balance.

  • “Take control of your finances.”

Finances are often an area where people don’t grab the bull by its horns and take control. If this is where you need to be more self-reliant, practice financial responsibility, and learn to manage your budget.

  • “Challenge expectations.”

Don’t give in to the expectations of those around you. Set your own expectations for yourself. Push through the barriers and be self-reliant.

  • “Turn to the experts.”

If you’re struggling with inspiration for self-reliance, try to look to others to guide you. Find the good that others do for themselves and use that to generate your success. 

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to help you today. Call now at 844-413-2690 for more information about how we can help you be self-reliant on your journey to recovery. We can’t wait to speak with you!