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Daily Wonders in Your Recovery

man enjoys daily wonders of recovery

Our recovery is often packed with tools and activities that will further our positive mental health and eliminate our use of addictive substances. Claire Munnings, author of “Find Wonders in the Every Day” for In The Moment magazine, asks the question, “Are we missing out on moments of joy?” These moments of joy may be missed out on because, she says, “We often pack our diaries so full we leave little room for unplanned choices.” Often, those unplanned choices lead to happiness that is sprinkled throughout our recovery. Continue reading to learn more about how you can find wonder in the small things throughout your day. 

Do you allow yourself spur-of-the-moment times?

“In today’s busy, technology-driven society, spontaneity seems to have gone out the window,” says Munnings. Think about your recovery. Do you allow yourself time to be spontaneous? Or, do you stick to a script and never veer off from it? Although technology can have benefits, it often leads us to be unable to deviate from plans, leaving us unable to do things in the spur of the moment. 

Taking it too far

“‘To plan and strategize is necessary, but you can take it too far,’ explains coach and mindfulness consultant Alison Callan” to Munnings. “‘When you have too much of a rigid routine, you can feel really constricted. You’re not open to new experiences that don’t align with your plan, even though they could be very enriching.’” If you don’t allow yourself the space to be natural and unplanned, you will never experience some of life’s true wonders. “‘When we look for opportunities, we rarely miss them, but when we are stuck in our blinkered view of life-by-diary only, we ignore the wonders of the world and what might pop up.’” Today, try not to rush from one planned activity to the next. Allow yourself some free time to explore the spontaneous around you. 

How to seek our small wonders

Munnings gives three tips to help you find space in your calendar for spontaneity:

  • “Plan joy”

Instead of scheduling all your time with work and school commitments, plan a time for yourself that you will actually enjoy. These may not be entirely spontaneous, but they give you the chance to explore and find wonders throughout your day.

  • “Black out unscheduled time”

Unscheduled time is so essential for trying to seek out small wonders. Plan time for yourself that isn’t scheduled. Allow yourself to do whatever feels right.

  • “Learn to say no”

We often are bombarded by friends and family with many obligations. Learning to say no helps you learn to say yes to other, more spontaneous things.

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