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Finding Meth Addiction Treatment near Austin, TX

two young men listen attentively as part of a group session about finding meth addiction treatment near Austin, TX.

Finding meth addiction treatment in The Lone Star State does not need to be difficult. Lean on reliable resources like a trusted medical professional, state and local resources, and treatment centers like The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare. The city of Austin and the surrounding areas offer a lot of support for a treatment experience in this area. The Austin area boasts plenty of open land for experiential or adventure therapies, proximity to city life and cultural opportunities, and a variety of addiction treatment options.

To find the right program for meth addiction treatment near Austin, TX, for you or a loved one, call The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare at 844.413.2690 or consult the Texas Health & Human Services website1 for more information.

Do You Need Meth Addiction Treatment?

Knowing the signs of meth addiction can better prepare you, or someone you care about, to seek the necessary help. Many signs can signal that addiction has set in. Some of these signs can lead to serious, lasting effects, so taking action sooner rather than later is crucial.

If any combination of these symptoms characterizes you or a loved one, seek help immediately.

  • Enlarged or dilated pupils
  • Body shakes or tremors
  • Uncharacteristically unbalanced
  • Hyperactive and anxious
  • Extreme weight loss or gain
  • Burns on fingers
  • Tooth decay
  • Track marks on the skin near veins
  • Severe mood swings and paranoia
  • Irregular sleep patterns

Continued meth use can cause severe damage to the body and vital organs in particular. Brain damage, heart disease, loss of teeth, and gum disease are all things that can happen as a result of meth addiction.

Meth Addiction Treatment Near Austin, TX

There are many things to consider when looking for meth addiction treatment in the Austin, Texas area.


If you desire a more secluded environment, look for a more rural campus for treatment. If convenience is key, something closer to a city with mass transportation may make more sense.


Consider if inpatient care or hospitalization is needed—depending on the severity of the addiction. Otherwise, look at the outpatient options in the Austin area.


If you are relying on insurance to cover the costs of treatment, be sure to ask upfront what is covered and what might be out-of-pocket.


Ask about how you or a loved one will be supported throughout the treatment experience—including family involvement and peer support.

Meth addiction treatment can include different evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches, such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – This therapy works to get to the root of learned behaviors by focusing on the positive and avoiding the negative triggers that can lead to substance use.
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy – This type of therapy is typically used to treat trauma or past traumatic events that may have led to the addiction.
  • Equine-assisted therapy – This unique approach to treatment involves working with horses as a way to build trust, improve communication skills, and learn how to cope with difficult emotions.
  • Family therapy – Involving loved ones in the treatment process can help to rebuild relationships and address any underlying family issues that may have contributed to the addiction.

In addition, many treatment centers offer support groups, aftercare programs, and other resources to help individuals maintain their sobriety even after completing a formal treatment program. A personalized treatment plan will use a combination of therapies to ensure each person’s treatment experience is unique to their needs and goals.

Start Meth Addiction Treatment at The Arbor Today

Meth use has become a growing public health crisis in America as countless people fall into the cycle of addiction. Meth is highly addictive, and dependency and addiction can develop rapidly, resulting in numerous adverse effects on a person’s health and relationships.

Addiction wreaks havoc not only on the addicted person’s life but also affects everyone around them, especially those close to them. Getting treatment as soon as possible will give you the best possible chance at leading a healthy life free of dangerous substances like meth.

In addition to meth addiction treatment, clients at The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare can also receive treatment for other substance use disorders, including alcohol addiction, benzo, cocaine, or heroin addiction, and co-occurring disorders.

Don’t be reluctant to find the help you need in the Austin area. Call on The Arbor at 844.413.2690 or reach out online to learn more about meth addiction treatment near Austin, TX.


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