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What Is Family Counseling?

a family plays a game during family counseling

Substance use disorders can significantly impact the whole family, often leading to feelings of guilt, shame, and resentment. While individual therapy and holistic experiences are important parts of recovery, family counseling is also an important factor in successful addiction recovery.

At The Arbor, we recognize the importance of family involvement in treatment and provide family counseling services that can help support a loved one’s recovery. Family therapy leads to improved communication and understanding, reduces conflict, and helps create positive outlets for frustration. It also allows families to learn how to best support their loved one’s recovery journey and develop healthier coping strategies. If you’re searching for “a family program near me,” look no further than the Arbor. Get started by calling 844.413.2690 today.

What Is Family Counseling?

Family counseling is a type of therapy that involves the entire family system, including the person in recovery from substance use disorder, as well as any other members of their family or support system. This type of therapy focuses on improving communication between all members of the family and understanding how each person’s behavior affects others. It also focuses on rebuilding trust and creating positive coping strategies for all involved.

How Family Counseling Fits in a Therapy Plan

Family counseling is often used in conjunction with other types of therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). It also supplements 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. The goal of these therapies is to provide support to the individual while helping them build healthy relationships with their loved ones again. This type of therapy can be especially beneficial when one or more members of the family are struggling with addiction themselves, as it provides an opportunity for everyone to come together and work through any issues they may be having.

The Benefits of Family Counseling During Recovery

Family counseling can offer countless benefits during addiction recovery. It allows families to:

  • Rebuild trust between each other
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn how to support each other during difficult times
  • Gain insight into how their behavior has impacted the person in recovery from substance use disorder
  • Develop positive coping strategies for dealing with triggers and stressors related to addiction
  • Create an environment where everyone feels safe talking about their feelings openly and honestly

Additionally, it can help families identify areas where they need additional assistance or resources outside of the home, such as support groups or professional services like detoxification programs or residential treatment centers.

What Happens During Family Counseling?

During a typical session, a trained therapist will talk with everyone involved about what issues they are facing within their family dynamic related to the individual’s substance use disorder. They will ask questions to gain insight into how each person is feeling and what kind of needs they may have in order to foster healing within the family system. They may suggest techniques such as expression exercises or role-playing activities that help everyone better understand each others’ perspectives while encouraging open communication between all parties involved. Once these techniques have been established over time with regular sessions, individuals can utilize them even after leaving formal family counseling sessions in order to continue working on improving relationships within the home environment.

Family Counseling at The Arbor

At The Arbor in Georgetown, TX, family counseling helps families learn how to best support their loved one’s recovery journey. It helps people talk and understand each other better, rebuild trust, and create positive coping strategies. During family counseling, a therapist will talk with everyone involved about their feelings and needs related to the individual’s substance use disorder. They might do activities or exercises that help everyone understand each other better and encourage open communication.

Find the help your family needs by contacting us online or by calling 844.413.2690 today.