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Enjoying a Sober New Year’s Eve

friends celebrate sober new year's eve

Many moments in recovering are about facing an activity or celebration during which you would typically consume drugs or alcohol, and deciding how to modify or omit the experience altogether to maintain your sobriety. In some cases, the easiest and most logical choice is to skip the event, but in other cases, such as New Year’s Eve, staying home and avoiding the celebration entirely can make you feel like you’re missing out. Finding a way to evolve in your perception of this notoriously boozy holiday and enjoy yourself without drugs or alcohol can feel like a major victory and help make future holidays in recovery much more manageable.

Take Control and Host Your Own Party

While there are many ways to enjoy your New Year’s Eve without alcohol, if you feel like you are craving the socialization and upbeat mood of a party, try hosting your own. Fill your guest list with people who understand and support your need to have fun while avoiding the triggers of the typical New Year’s Eve scene. You may want to invite others in recovery, as well as friends and family who don’t mind spending a sober holiday eating good food, playing games, and dancing. 

Going Out with Friends Can Be Possible

If you are feeling extremely secure in your sobriety, spending the night out on New Year’s Eve is not out of the question. However, you should prepare yourself for potential triggers by having a way out of every situation. It can help to bring a sober buddy who can keep you company when other friends begin to fade into drunkenness and the party starts to lose its appeal. If you do decide to venture out on your own, make sure you have your phone fully charged and a sponsor or supportive friend ready to answer your call if you find yourself in a tense situation.

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