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Don’t Get Comfortable

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“Recently, I was feeling low,” says Kiran Sidhu, author of “My life in technicolor” for In The Moment magazine. “And strangely, in this rather depressive state, I continuously heard a couple of words strung together as if they were an anthem for my life. It seemed that whenever I expressed my woes, they were met with the expression, ‘That’s life.’ You may find yourself feeling the same way in your recovery. Things become mundane and you may be going through the motions. If you express your displeasure with something, you may be met with a “That’s life.” Here’s the thing: We shouldn’t get comfortable and used to this. We shouldn’t just blindly accept the negative and say “That’s life.” You have to fight against those negative thoughts and push forward toward recovery. Continue reading to learn more!  

A Throw-Away Comment

Sidhu said she spoke to a friend about the comment “That’s life” and the friend gave her a good answer: “People are forever saying things and ‘That’s life’ was simply a throw-away comment.” If something is really bothering you, don’t get comfortable and accept the throw-away comment. You deserve a real answer.   

Language Matters

“But language affects the way we think and how we look at the world,” says Sidhu. “And if you keep saying something long enough, you’ll start to believe it’s true.” Sidhu says she felt as though life was “full of disappointment” because she kept hearing this comment from herself and others. She calls the phrase “That’s life” a “bleak and mundane sentiment which only added to my depressive view.” Unfortunately, this sentiment is something that a lot of people in recovery are met with when they express their true feelings. One thing we can start with to help stop this era of throw-away comments is to remember that our language matters. What we say and how we say it is important. If this is something you struggle with, don’t get comfortable with it. Challenge this negative thought and try to reframe it with a positive one.   

Is Life Black and White?

The simple answer is no, life cannot be reduced to just black and white. Sidhu would agree, saying, “Life isn’t black and white as we inadvertently suggest when we say, ‘That’s life.’ Life experience helps us understand that life is mostly a gray area.” Just like it’s not practical to say “That’s life” when life isn’t what we hope, it isn’t good to say when things are going great, either. Why reduce yourself and your beautiful, complex life to a simple “That’s life”?  

What Can Get Us out of Those Spaces?

If you’re struggling with some depressive thoughts and feelings during your recovery, you’re not alone. It’s a lot more common than you think. To help boost your spirits and get you out of that place, try to take note of the small details in your life that bring you joy. “That’s life,” says Sidhu.   

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