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Do Substances Bring Me Happiness?

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Our society tries very hard to uphold the idea that substances will bring people happiness. From advertisements on television to social experiences tied to drinking and drugs, many people believe this idea that they will find happiness and feel whole when they consume alcohol or drugs. People who use substances are even seen as being cool while those who say no when offered a drink or drugs are looked at in a funny way. It is unfortunate that our society thinks this way because substances have long been proven to tear people’s lives apart.

Substances Will Not Bring You Happiness

Before you pick up that drink or think about doing drugs, realize that substances will not bring you happiness. If you are trying to drown your feelings in alcohol or numb your pain in drugs, you are going to make things much worse for yourself in the long run. You’re even likely to be injured or killed when substances are involved in a situation. You won’t find happiness in substances. Although you may receive an initial buzz from using substances, that euphoric feeling is short-lived. Think back to the last few times you have been drinking or doing drugs. How have you truly felt? Do you have feelings of sadness, anxiety, or anger when you drink or do drugs? Do you feel more numb than when you started? If substances truly bring happiness, wouldn’t you feel an overwhelming sense of joy every time you used them?

So, What Will Bring Happiness?

If we know that substances will not bring happiness, what will bring you happiness? Think back to some of the times when you have been truly happy. Maybe you were talking and laughing with friends. Maybe you were at a theme park. Whatever memory you’re thinking of, realize that you were not happy because alcohol was consumed; you were happy because of the environment you were in and the good company you spent your time with. When we think of true happiness, we think of times where we have found meaning in the small moments. Perhaps, you find the appreciation in spending time with a good friend. Or, you find joy in a solo excursion. Whatever it is that brings you joy, try to find the meaning beyond the substances that may be present. Finding meaning beyond the substances is what can bring you towards true happiness.

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