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Can Stress Make You Stronger?

woman tries to deal with stress

Stress is something that has been talked about for so long. So, is there anything more we can say about it? Yes! New research is always being done. The latest has discovered that stress really can make you stronger! By using good stress in a healthy way, you can get stronger, more energetic, and happier. Continue reading to learn more.

Are There Hidden Benefits of Stress?

Most of the stress we talk about is bad stress, or distress. Distress, if left untreated and not reigned in, can be chronic and harmful. There is another type of stress, however, that’s called eustress. Eustress is good stress that we can use to help us and make us better. The way people perceive their stress, as distress or eustress, also matters. Those who acknowledge their stress levels but manage them in healthy ways are just as healthy and happy as those who report they have low levels of stress. Another hidden benefit of stress is the release of oxytocin when the pituitary gland is under stress. Oxytocin has been dubbed as a “moral molecule” because it enhances empathy in people and strengthens social ties. This is because when someone is in a lot of stress, they often reach out to other people for help. Likewise, people who are under stress often want to help others in a similar situation. Connection is a great thing that happens because of stress.

Use Your Stress to Your Benefit

In order for stress to be beneficial to you, you must make it work for you. You must acknowledge that the stress you’re feeling isn’t harmful. Acknowledge that the stress you’re feeling can be beneficial and can motivate you to complete your goals. Don’t allow the stress to make you procrastinate or get irritable. Name your stress and get used to small amounts of stress during crucial times. Welcome it into your life. The more comfortable you get with it, the better you’ll be able to use it to your advantage. Using your stress to your advantage means using it to fuel you toward your goals. In this way, focus your energy in a healthy manner. You’ve got this!

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